Bathroom Plumbing FAQs

Understanding the mechanics and inner workings of a plumbing system can be difficult. However, with a few simple questions and answers, you’ll be able to learn and understand the way plumbing works. The Candu Plumbing & Rooter company can help you repair and install all your plumbing fixtures.

Here’s a quick Q&A to help get you started on your DIY plumbing route:

1. “What do I do if I can’t unclog the toilet?”

When you have a clog in your toilet, it can be frustrating. If you’ve tried a plunger or store-bought chemicals to unclog the toilet and nothing works, try using a plumbing snake on the outside drainage pipes.

If none of those options have worked, remember that toilets work with gravity—so worst case scenario, if you can’t clear a clog, just leave it for a few hours or overnight and see if gravity has helped you out.

2. “Why is my toilet running constantly?”

If your toilet is running constantly, you may have a problem with the flapper. The flapper itself may be worn, or the chain may also be too tight. Another possibility is that your fill valve may be broken.

3. “Which type of pipe is the best?”

While each kind of piping has it’s pros and cons, generally, copper pipes are considered the best pipes to use in your home thanks to their longevity.

Although these types of pipes can be expensive, the investment can be worth it. The copper pipes are not prone to leaks, can handle heat and cold, and can last you for many years.

Plumbing by a Reliable Company

If you do need help to repair or install your plumbing, make sure to contact the Candu Plumbing & Rooter company. We will be more than happy to help you. Our plumbers can go out to your home to assess the plumbing situation and give you a pricing estimate.