California West

California West in Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley, CA

California West is known as the neighborhood of Chatsworth of the city of Los Angeles. This neighborhood promotes the essence of a unique lifestyle and materializes what we love most. Amazingly, the homes and community people have the taste, sophistication, and individuality. Therefore, the town is so desirable to make it a very own living place. 

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History of the town Chatsworth

California West neighborhood is a nearby place of 18th century Spanish colonized Chatsworth town. So, the area shares the same story with Chatsworth. In recent years, the neighborhood is considered moderately diverse for both the city and county of LA. Mainly this place is full of a relatively high percentage of whites and Asian people with a sizable Latino community.

California West neighborhood facilities

To have a secure life, some emergency centers and healthcare:

  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program
  • Facey Medical Group,
  • Chatsworth Dental Group.

Also, pet care centers like VCA Chatsworth Veterinary Center. 

There are service providers such as:

  • Automotive services like Chatsworth Auto Repair,
  • Professional service like Troll Brothers
  • Home services like Lowe’s.


The place has nearby recreation centers like

  • Chatsworth Community Center
  • Mason Recreation center has a games court, children’s play area, gymnasium, and many more.

Besides, there are nearby many grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s.

And the hardware store named Lowe’s Home Improvement and clothing stores like REI are within a bit of distance.

Also, there are nearby Asian restaurants like Sliver Panda and Pagoda Inn, Mexicans like Los Toros Mexican Restaurant, Italians like Maggiano’s and Chi Chi’s Pizza. Along with:

  • Available fast-food corners are Uncle Ernie’s Pizza and In-N-Out Burger.
  • The nearest renowned bar is JOY Woodland Hills.
  • The nearby breakfast spot is The Country Deli,
  • A coffee shop is Starbucks
  • Nearest ice cream spot, Owle’s Ice Cream.

Moreover, there are almost 16 schools in the California West neighborhood, and some of them are:

  • Resolute Academy Charter
  • KIPP Promesa Prep School
  • Ernest Lawrence Middle School and many more