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Water Leak Repair in Los Angeles, CA

A water leak is never a trivial issue. If you keep it that way for a long time, it will cost you more than you can imagine. Statistics show that flooding from a water leak repair can cost you thousands of dollars. You may think nothing like that can happen to you. Well, everybody thinks like that until the problem really happens. You might also think that the leak in your pipe is just a small crevice, and it’s not a big deal. But trust, it might not take much to become one and cut a big share from your pocket.

There are numerous ways a small crevice in a pipe can bring catastrophe to your house. Here are some common ones.

Water Leak Repair


Damage The Core Structure

A neglected water leakage whips on your house’s look and structure. Problems like streaks on the walls, discoloration, and strains are also common ones a water leak can occur. You can never hide a water leakage as it surely reveals its symptoms and consequences.

When building materials and drywall absorb the water, they are likely to swell and wrap. If the swelling is left carelessly for too long, your property integrity will be at stake soon. Even a typical warping can turn into something ugly and make the place unlivable. In such cases, make a rush to contact a water leak repair in Los Angeles, CA.

Mold and Fungi Problems

You never want mold or fungi in your home. Both these organisms produce spores that are harmful to your health. Molds are so common that almost every home has mold spores in some nooks. They are inevitable even in construction sites or dry areas. Because they have a strong capability of staying dormant for a long time.

However, spores grow much faster in wet areas. Around a water supply, mold can multiply and give the area an unhealthy and ugly appearance. Mold spores can cause breathing problems, sneezing, congestion, and coughing. People who have weak immune systems will suffer even more. Children have a high chance of developing asthma.

Decrease in the Home Value

Water damage history will also damage your property value. It’s because the negative impact brought by a water leak takes time to recover completely. You might think the problem is gone while it is still there. The only way to get rid of all lingering damaged by a water leak is to fix it. It will also preserve your home’s value.

Deal with Every Single Leak

Undoubtedly, a water leak can become costly to a homeowner. You can sense or see some leaks, while some are difficult to be aware of. For you, the best way is to use the water meter of your home.

If you want to detect a water leak, you should first turn off every appliance and device that uses water. You must remember that a water softener and refrigerator also use water. It would help if you did not shut off the main water valve as you may need water to check different devices for a leak. Then, it would be best if you considered checking the low-flow analyzer. If the indicator is moving, you have got a leak.

The following process to detect a possible leak is to walk around your home and check if all the showerheads and faucets are working normally and have no leak. Also, check the outside taps. If there is no leak, reach under vanities and countertops to be sure that those areas are dry and there is no sign of moisture. Also, check all valves and fittings.

Primary Sources of Water Leak in Your Home


It is quite common to have silent leaks for toilets. Such leak can occur on an average of 300 gallons of water loss without giving away its identity. If it comes to your budget, such a water leak can cost you more than $500 per year for waster water. If you ever suspect such a leak, get a water leak repair in San Fernando Valley, CA, and other nearby areas.

An ideal method to identify a toilet leak is to use dye tablets or about 15 drops of soluble food color in a toilet tank. After waiting a bit, you should check the water bowl. If you see any color there in the water, there is a leak. It is a typical issue of having an old flapper valve. Another common toilet leak is water going into the overflow channel. In both cases, find a water leak repair in Los Angeles, CA.


The appliance you use in your home can cause a water leak. Any appliance using water like the water heater tank, dishwasher, washing machine, or even a refrigerator might hide a leak. Have you noticed any moisture around your floor?

If you can’t locate a single leak while the low-flow indicator is moving heavily, note the meter reading, and shut down everything for a minimum of two hours. Then check if there is any change in the reading. If you find the indicator still moving, you probably have a link underground or inside the walls. For such cases, call a professional and reliable plumber or water leak repair in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Water Leak Repair in San Fernando Valley, CA

Even a tiny leak can become catastrophic. No matter the leak source, water leak repair is always the best when it is left to an experienced plumber in San Fernando Valley, CA. Professional plumbers excel in diagnosing, finding, and repairing water leaks and provide long-term solutions. Reach Candu Plumbing & Rooter, and we will take care of all your damage and secure your home. We are the best water leak repair in Los Angeles, CA, and you can also get our service from these areas:

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