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slab leak services in San Fernando Valley

Slab Leak Services in San Fernando Valley

The slab refers to the portion that is playing the foundation role of your house. It is made of concrete and a massive cement foundation that is generally too strong to hold the pressure of the entire building. When one or more water leakage occurs below the concrete slab, it becomes needy of slab leak repair immediately. Otherwise, the durability of the foundation starts reducing. We are a team of highly experienced plumbers that can repair or install any type of plumbing issues in your residential or commercial places. Contact us for any related plumbing service, especially for the slab leak services in San Fernando Valley.

In the 1950s to 80s, many structures were built with a foundation of galvanized steel water pipes in the concrete slab and cooper pipes using. Many people do not realize that they have a slab leakage problem until they face major trouble in their home or office. Since no homeowners want to suffer from slab leak experience, here are some tips that will warn you to call a professional at the right time to avoid the leak-over experience.


Call Professionals from Candu for Slab Leak Services San Fernando Valley

The main reason for slab leak services in San Fernando Valley is the average lifespan of galvanized steel remains 50 years. That doesn’t mean you can relax for the 50years even it produces strong signs gradually. The copper pipes are thin and soft, and it also resists rust and corrosion. Since southern California is an earthquake county, it could often cause the water pipes inside the slab. Without taking stress, call Candu Plumbing & Rooter for the 25/7 emergency services at your location.


Since the water lines go below the concrete slab, it is pretty challenging to notice the signs. However, we brought some easy tank leak detection ways that will reduce your afford. If you can identify any of the following signs, call us to receive the professional plumbing solutions in San Fernando Valley.

Running water sounds

If all the fixtures and home appliances are turned off, but you still hear the noise of running water, it means you probably leak your slab water lines. You can share this with your family members to stay alert if any unnecessary water sounds are coming from under your floor. Slab leak services San Fernando Valley offers you to get our skilled plumber at a reasonable cost.

Heat or Hot Spots Identification

If the slab is compromised, you can feel some heat or hot areas in your house. If you notice any heat near your home or under the slab, it could indicate that you might have a leak.

Leaks Behind your Walls

You can hear water running from inside the walls or floor in your home, and you indeed have a leakage in the slab. You should call Candu Plumbing & Rooter to get your work done with a professional plumbing hand to locate the exact issue.

Water Bill

When you notice that your water bill had gone too high for an uncalculated reason, it might have been your slab leakage. We have the latest industrial devices and tools to address your problem and fix them quickly. We have an emergency hotline service to reach you anytime.

There are some different verified methods for repairing a slab leak. We are going to tell you about those. The most common method is to apply leak detection specialized technology to locate the source of leakage in your slab. Our professional team member will replace your affected water pipe with the suggested pipe quickly. Another strategy that you can use is to re-route the water lines entirely from outside of the slab. And place them outside of your house this time.  

You can also use polyethylene pipe or flexible PEX to make your system more durable. Candu Plumbing & Rooter can repair your slab leak services in San Fernando Valley with minimal damage to your property. We try to make our working period less disturbing so that you would not derive from your comfort zone.

You can call us at any time whenever your problem or signs occur. Our emergency helpline service is active only to respond to you promptly. No matter your problem, our highly trained plumbers are good at any plumbing issue, including slab leak services in San Fernando Valley. If you want to know more details about our company, you can check our portfolio and customer reviews online. Call us at 855-522-2638 or send an email to [email protected] if you want a free consultation in your leisure time.