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Emergency Plumbing Service

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Emergency Plumbing Service 24/7 in San Fernando Valley or Nearby, CA

There is no specification that your plumbing problems will occur between 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Friday. Even your waste exertion system can fail suddenly in the middle of the night or the basement gets flooded with uncontrolled water. Therefore, you will need a plumbing related emergency plumbing service.

For your relief, we provide an 24 hour emergency plumbing service at your door promptly. Our plumbers in San Fernando Valley, CA, and other nearby areas will be at your location in no time. We know some situations can wait for late service, while a few need immediate solutions. Otherwise, they will worsen and grow into more significant issues. You can rely on our Candu Plumbing & Rooter’s plumbers for emergency plumbing and other services. You can reach us if you are from any of the following areas:

  • Canoga Park, CA
  • Pasadena, CA
  • Granada Hills, CA
  • Van Nuys, CA
  • Burbank, CA
  • Northridge, CA

        And the nearby areas!

Emergency Plumbing Service


Plumbing Emergency Services

It’s hard to define emergency when it comes to plumbing related issues. You can call us anytime for any situation as our plumbers have the expertise to provide any plumbing related service on an urgent basis. 

Water Leak

Any water leaking situation where it goes beyond the level of a drip, you can call it an emergency. A pipe can burst and damage the floor and drywall. If you don’t give it much attention, it can also impact the primary structure of the home badly. We have seen cases where a slow leak has caused mildew, mold, and disintegration.

Jammed Sewer Lines

A bad smell coming from a wet and muddy backyard even in a drought season is a sign of an emergency. It’s a sign that your sewer system might have broken. It now can flood the basement and also can create a bad smell. For your and your neighbors’ sake, you need to call for a professional plumber. Toilet, sinks, and even showers are not safe when your sewer is out of service.

Frozen Pipes

It doesn’t happen frequently, but sometimes your water pipes might freeze. In Southern California and nearby places, this can happen in the last part of a year. A frozen pipe damages your sinks, shower, and toilets.

Water Heater Issue

Can you pass days without having a supply of hot water? A damaged water heater can give you such an experience. A leak in your water heater is a serious issue, and you need to fix it as soon as you can. First, turn off the water heater, and reach us quickly.

Clogged Drain

A jammed drain is never good news. It will make a part of your house sewerage stop working. Even it can damage the line and cause a flood. The flood can damage your property. In that situation, you might want to unclog the drain with hot water or a plunger. But even if it doesn’t help you, don’t delay calling professional plumbers in Canoga Park, CA when emergency service needed.

Broken Pipe

For a pipe break in your home, you need to switch off the main valve and reach us immediately. It can trigger a fatal leak and water damage valuable property.

Gas Leak Repair

For a gas leak in your house that sources a strong bad smell, you need to go out of the house instantly. Put out every source of fire, and don’t dare to light up anything. If possible, try to shut off gas valves in the house. Have a plumber coming to your home right away.

Ways to Avoid Emergencies

There is no doubt that emergency plumbing services are expensive. They are also time-consuming. If you find any precautions to take to resolve an issue, you should take them.

However, you need to obey some basic guidelines before doing anything by yourself. Like you should never pour oil or grease down your sink. You should consider store grease, fat, or oil in separate containers and put them into the trash to get rid of them.

You might also want to hand wet clothes, plants from different exposed pipes in the house. But it is highly dangerous and might break those pipes. Wet clothes and tubs are heavy for water pipes as they are not made to support those things.

Now comes the toilet flush. You need to watch out for what you are flushing down the toilet. You might get tempted to flush your baby’s wipes. But if you ask us, we will say just, “Don’t.” The pipes could be too old to have such large things flashed down. You should also not use drop-in cleaners in your toilet as they are made of harmful chemicals.

Be careful about the things you throw into the garbage disposal. Never throw large food pieces into the disposal box and be polite while throwing them. While hooking up the washing machine or dishwasher, use rubber hoses or stainless steel.

Why Hire Candu Plumbing & Rooter

Because we are experienced. We have been providing plumbing service in California for years and awarded for giving emergency and reliable service. Our company rears a dedicated team of bonded and licensed professionals. They are solely focused and committed to helping you whenever you need them. Our demanded prices are what we honor. We don’t believe in any hidden cost. You will find our offices all over the county areas of Los Angeles. We have an extensive profile of satisfied customers who can assure you of the quality of our services.

You can never neglect a plumbing emergency because it will bother your normal life and cut your pocket beyond expectation. Get the best plumbers in San Fernando, CA, and also nearby areas.