Chatsworth Park South Circular AllTrails Map Guide

Chatsworth Park South Circular AllTrails Map Guide

We have been experiencing delays in Chatsworth Park South due to re-connecting Trails. Find out more about the process of re-connecting Trails. Also, read about the timings for the trails. You can also find useful information on WEATHER DELAYS.


In order to meet the completion date of the Chatsworth Park South remediation, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held on April 11 at 10 am. The purpose of the groundbreaking is to announce the start of the remediation project. The remediation will take about one year to complete, and should be finished by December of 2016.

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The clean-up is in progress at Chatsworth Park South, but the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks hasn’t given a specific date for when the park will reopen. Originally, the cleanup was planned to be finished by mid-February. If this timeline holds true, the park may reopen for the ninth anniversary of its closure.

Re-connecting Trails Chatsworth Park South

The Re-connecting Trails at Chatsworth Park are perfect for hikers of all levels. The trailhead is located on the back right of the parking lot. Once there, follow the map directions to get started. This is a looped trail, so be sure to take your time and enjoy the views! You can contact candu Plumbers in Chatsworth for any type of plumbing needs

The park is located about a half mile south of Clayton on Hwy 441/23/15. Follow green signs to the L.H. Thomson industrial park in the rear of the parking lot. The trail starts at a gap in the chain-link fence.