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Plumbing in Granada Hills

Plumbing in Granada Hills, CA

CANDU Plumbing & Rooter is one of the top-rated company who provides numerous licensed plumber in Granada Hills, CA, and it provides different types of services according to the clients’ plumbing needs. If you have any plumbing problem, need assistance, need new installations, or if you face any emergency, then you can contact them.
Plumber in Granada Hills


CANDU Plumbing & Rooter Services at GRANADA HILLS

Our plumbing company assures you high-quality plumbing services at a meager and reasonable price. Whether your house requires a significant replacement or minor plumbing repair & Maintenance, our company will do the rest once you inform us. Now we will write a free estimate regarding every job so that our client can understand what they need to do, how much they can cost and how fast our company can finish the services for our clients.   

A licensed plumber will perform all the repair and installation in Los Angels, and our clients need to create an appointment before taking the services. 

We provide all the general services that a customer need. Our expert team offers services on the client’s kitchen plumbing systems. Moreover, if the clients need any emergency plumbing solutions, you can inquire about them in our company.

Home fixtures

If your home requires any repair, installation, or faucets replacement at home, our company can all do this for you regardless of whether it is a home, bathroom, kitchen, or outside the home. Our company will feed your faucets by checking the hoses and pipes. And if the clients need new fixtures at their home, we can provide those services too.

Toilet Repair and Installation

We also provide toilet install, repair, and replace services. Our efficient plumber can efficiently repair or adjust the toilet’s internal parts. The team of our company will also inform you when you should replace each machinery part of your bathroom.

Water Leakage

Water leak detection is another unique feature of our company. If you face any problem regarding the water leak, you can rely on our company experts to identify the leaks on the wall or leaks under the slab.

You can prevent leaks by doing regular maintenance of your tubs. Our expert plumber will install new tubs for you, and on each tub, they can repair the fixtures and our Granada Hills, CA plumbing services also include the bathroom tub installation, and we provide services on your dishwasher. Our experts can accommodate your new dishwasher by adjusting the plumbing of your kitchen. We can help you if you need any simple plumbing repairs, and also we can check leaks for you. Moreover, if any garbage disposals need immediate repair or replacement, we can do it too. We also work for removing garbage disposal debris, checking the gasket, and adjusting the wires.

Repair Old Backflows

CANDU Plumbing and Rooter can also help you in repairing the prevention system of your old backflow. We work for your system replacement, or we can install new parts on your system. If your house pipes consist of substandard materials, you also may need repiping services, and we also provide them for you. Our company experts can replace the pipes within your house, whether inside or outside, and we can easily replace the old lines of your home.

Water Filtration

If you are dealing with stinky water and facing a problem, we are available here to meet your needs for water filtration. Our expert team can help you filter all water in your house by installing a large tank for filtration. The tank will filter all the water before the stinky water enters your home. Additionally, our company provides the services of installing small filers according to our customers need.  

Contact CANDU Plumbing and Rooter

To solve all the plumbing-related problems, you can contact the CANDU Plumbing and Rooter for the reliable plumber in Granada Hills, CA. Our company serves in different areas in Los Angeles, CA, including the Granada Hills. In case of any emergency, call us at 855-522-2638 or fill out the appointment contact form.