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Licensed plumber in Granada Hills, CA for trenchless pipe lining

Are you encountering a problem with your sewer line? The wastewater converges at the sewer line before funneling into the municipal water treatment system. Malfunction in your sewer lines causes huge drainage problems in the home. Sewer lines malfunction causes your drain to run slow, and water also runs slowly to drain due to inferior sewer lines. The hope rising news is that your sewer line can rehabilitate and restore its function using the CIPP pipelining. The trusted & Licensed plumber in Granada Hills, CA, will be available in Candu Plumbing & Rooter. All expert plumbers of this company provide trenchless solutions at a very reasonable price.

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Common Sewer Damage Signs

If the below signs are present in your plumbing system, it would be a red sign that your sewer pipes become damaged severely.

  1. All your drains or multiple drains are slow.
  2. One appliance’s water backs up to another trough.
  3. Presence of stinky puddle in the yard etc.

Trenchless Pipe Lining from CANDU Plumbing & Rooter

If you face any significant problem with your sewer line, you may contact multiple pipeline companies in Granada Hills, CA, and you may call them randomly. Stop doing all these numerous calls and for trenchless pipe lining services, call our pipe lining plumber. Here at CANDU Plumbing & Rooter, you will get all the benefits of CIPP pipelining. Cured-in-Place Piping is the elaborated form of CIPP, and it’s an advanced technology of creating a pipe within a pipe. The good news is that all sewer lines can restore using pipelining involving the cast iron.

The process of cast iron pipe lining involves the sewer line inspecting for corrosion, damage, and scale. Our expert plumber will determine whether the epoxy pipe lining and sewer pipe can be lined or not. Yes, it is the answer in most cases.

Next, our expert plumber will clean the sewer pipe at the pipe walls thoroughly. After cleaning the line, the plumber will insert epoxy with the existing sewer pipe in your house. Then for 24 hours, we will inflate the liner and the rubber air bladder, and we will be left it for the cure. After that, we will inspect the liner to confirm that we positioned it correctly and it cured completely. Lastly, your sewer line will return to in good condition soon.

Trenchless Technology’s Benefits

If you want to restore your sewer pipe without causing any damage to your yard, then sewer pipe lining is best for you. Pipelining involves trenchless technology, which needs less digging or no digging at all. When working on the CIPP lining, our crew uses the access points and existing cleanouts to connect the equipment. If your house doesn’t have access points or cleanouts, then don’t worry. During the process of pipelining, our crew will create the access points and cleanouts for you.

A day needs to complete the entire process, and it implies that compared to the traditional pip lining replacement, you will start to enjoy the free-flowing drains and new sewer line in less time. You don’t require colossal trench fill-up, or you don’t need to hire a company to do it, and for the entire repair, you can enjoy the result at less cost. If you are servicing your old pipeline, then just like a new pipe, they will last longer.

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