North Of Vanowen

North of Vanowen, Canoga Park Neighborhood, CA

If you are a local of Los Angele County, you might be aware of the North of Vanowen, the neighborhood of Canoga Park. North of Vanowen has a total population of 3497 residents, and the average number of them is 48 years old. 56% of people own their home in North of Vanowen.

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There are a lot of neighborhood favorites restaurants that may impress you if you’re a food lover. Marmalade Café- Calabasas is the friendliest restaurant in North of Vanowen. Also, you can get the facilities of a clothing store, bar, coffee shop, saloon, etc. Numero Uno Tavern is the most popular bar in North of Vanowen.

Interests and Behavior

Residents are quite friendly and peaceful. They love to do shopping, and food is mainly prioritizing thing in this neighborhood of Canoga Park. The neighbor in this area is dog friendly. Most of them spend their free time landscaping, hiking, and trails, seeing live music, volunteering, camping, and cooking.


Vanowen is located with many schools and colleges near Venowen street. All the schools and colleges are situated around 6.8 miles from this neighborhood. Valley College is 1.5 miles from Vanowen, Woodbury University is 6.7 miles, and New York film academy is 6.8 miles from Vanowen.


The residents in Vanowen also have transportation facilities. Valley college station, woodman station, Van Nuys station are around 2.6 miles from the North of Vanowen village.