Owensmouth, Canoga Park Neighborhood, Los Angeles, CA

Owensmouth was found in 1912 in the western part of the San Fernando Valley. It was joined with Los Angeles in 1917 and renamed Canoga Park in 1913. Owensmouth name for the 1913 Owens River aqueduct’s terminus in the current Canoga Park. The town started through the Loa Angeles suburban homes company as a part of real estate development in Southern California. Otis named Owensmouth, who thought that the reference of the Owens River would elicit the image of water and the fertile land. In 1931, the name changed to Canoga Park despite protests from alumni.

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The Places in Owensmouth

Owensmouth is now a lively area with several restaurants, schools, shops, with a historical museum. It’s a great little museum with a lot of memories of history.  The restaurants of Owensmouth provide a breath of fresh air for the visitors and the people are living here.

TheThe residential area of this town is featuring a lush tropical courtyard and poolside paradise. It provides a peaceful life for these residents and also for tourists.  Besides this, Owensmouth has a southern pacific railroad line and station, San Fernando streetcar line, Owens’s mouth Ave, etc.

Schools in Owensmouth

The schools in the Canoga Park neighborhood include Owens’s mouth high school, which opened in October 1914. Now it is known as Canoga Park high school. Owens mouth continuation high school is another great school. It is 1 of 181 high schools in los Angeles.