Parthenia Variel

Parthenia Variel/De Soto, Canoga Park Neighborhood

Parthenia Variel is situated in Los Angeles County in California, and it is a neighborhood of Canoga Park. The total population of Parthenia Variel is 2192, including a maximum of 43 years older people. 21% of homeowners live in Parthenia Variel happily. Here, you can get many daily needs available, such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, clothing stores, etc. You can also get the top-class plumbing service in Parthenia Variel from the most reliable company in Los Angeles.

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The people of Parthenia Variel are very much friendly and helpful. If you want to live here for personal or commercial purposes, you can go ahead without stress. Some habits of local citizens of Parthenia Variel are walking, food-loving, cooking, bird/cat/dog/pet-loving, and peaceful. The atmosphere of Parthenia Variel is cherished to keep your mood turn on. The schools and hospitals are available good service in this Canoga Park neighborhood for a long time. The police department is also beneficial in this area. So, if you’re planning to visit Parthenia Variel, you are gracefully invited.


The schools and colleges are available in the Parthenia Variel area.

  • Parthenia street elementary school
  • Albion elementary school
  • Park Western place elementary school
  • Burmer school
  • Bradford college, etc.