West Hills

West Hills, Neighborhood of Canoga Park, CA

West Hills is both for commercial and residential places located near Canoga Park, which is 60 minutes distance from Los Angeles. The people of 35 or older ages have the highest rate in West Hills. The West Hills was previously a former home for a lot of Native American Tribes. It is well known for the water sources when west hills were a part of Owensmouth and later renamed Canoga Park in 1931.

Tourists Places

There are so many famous landmarks and parks situated in this place. For instance, Orcutt Ranch Estate, Horticulture Center, Shadow Ranch Park are unique West Hills. Many open-space parks such as El Escorpion Park, Bell Canyon Park, Roscoe/Valley Circle Park, etc. If we talk about some other historical, cultural landmarks, Francis Lederer Estate and Peppergate Ranch are meant to be revealed.


LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) observed West Hills. The govt. Politics is very much environment friendly. This place is even famous for the public library, Hospitals, Education, Schools, Public transport and many other community features. If you plan to visit West Hills for a day or weeks, you can go ahead freely. For daily groceries, people can go to nearby shopping centers such as West Hills shopping center, West Hills Topanga, village, etc. These areas are also located with fine restaurants like West Hills pizza company, Nikko Family restaurant, stone fire Grill, Red lobster. It’s the best neighborhood and best place for tourists and politicians.

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