3 Glaring Signs Your Water Heater Needs Immediate Repair

Homeowners usually don’t make a big deal out of deteriorating water heaters, up until they’ve experienced taking an icy cold shower in the middle of freezing winter. With that said, many people usually neglect to check on their water heating systems. And as a result, they are often left with no other option but to replace their damaged water heaters at home.

It’s not at all that difficult to assess whether there’s a problem with your water heater at home. In fact, familiarizing yourself with warning signs of a deteriorating water heating system can save you a hefty amount of money, as repairs are often more affordable than replacements.

So if you’ve ever experienced how hard it is to deal with the aftermath of having a damaged water heater at home, then here are three glaring signs of a deteriorating water heater that you should take note of to prevent such things from happening again.

1. Inconsistent and Irregular Water Temperatures

Most of the time, homeowners ignore fluctuating water temperatures that come out of their taps. However, this is actually a major indicator that your water heater is struggling to supply hot water.

If you’ve ever noticed that the water usually comes out as lukewarm or cold when you need hot water, then it’s time to call in a plumber to check on your water heating system. After all, inconsistent water temperatures often result from mineral buildup or damaged parts.

2. Noticeable Discoloration in the Water at Home

It goes without saying that the water that comes out of your tap must be colorless. However, there are also instances wherein it might seem hazy due to high pressure. But do note that it should turn back to its colorless form once the pressure is gone.

But if the water looks a little hazy or murky, it might be seen as a glaring warning sign that there’s something wrong with your water heater. In addition to this, discoloration in water also poses a hazard to your health. Hence, it only fits that you call in a plumbing expert to address the issue.

3. Strange Noises Coming From Your Water Heater

It’s never a good sign to hear strange noises coming from any type of system in your home. However, it’s actually pretty normal for a water heater to start emitting mild buzzing and rumbling sounds, especially when it’s old. Although it might seem like the heating system is about to burst, these noises do not actually pose any threat.

That being so, the strange noises this article is referring to are loud popping, banging, and cracking sounds from your water heater. Though it’s normal for it to buzz or hum from time to time when operating, note that it’s never meant to pop or bang. Thus, if you start to hear those coming from your heating system, it would be best to have it checked by a reliable plumbing specialist.


In general, the ones listed above are only some of the glaring signs that your water heater needs repair. Nonetheless, it isn’t at all that difficult to spot a problem with your heating system at home. As a rule of thumb, when something seems amiss with the water supply in your home, then it would be a good idea to call in a professional plumber for an inspection.

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