3 Qualities to Watch Out for When Finding a Plumber

In any kind of home—no matter if it’s big, small, new, old, urban, or rural—certain systems are integral to making life much more comfortable and practical.

From electricity to air conditioning, every system that can be found in your humble abode undoubtedly has an impact on your daily living. Although you may not notice it at first, every component of your house’s networks of pipes, wires, and appliances work hard and harmoniously for your comfort.

Among the different systems in your home that need to be maintained correctly, plumbing is undoubtedly important all year round. These systems see their fair share of issues that can cause some serious discomfort, and this is where a good plumbing company can help.

This brings a certain question to mind: what should you look out for when choosing professional plumbing services to work with?

Qualities to Watch Out For

Whether it’s in the context of a blocked pipe, a gurgling sound, a bad odor, or a simple need for maintenance, there will be certain times wherein your plumbing will need to be handled by an expert. There are hundreds of available plumbing services in areas like Encino, Burbank, and North Hollywood, so it can be difficult to decide who to go for. 

If you want to ensure that you are leaving your home’s needs in the hands of a plumber that can do an excellent job, you must know what to watch out for. Fortunately, finding the right professional for the job (and any other plumbing needs) doesn’t have to be a tall task. All you need to do is keep these qualities in mind: 

1. Your Plumber Should Have a Good Reputation 

Among all the qualities you should watch out for when combing the market for a trustworthy plumber, nothing comes close to guaranteeing quality than a good reputation. In the digital age, there’s no such thing as a limit on expressing one’s opinion. By doing your due diligence about potential service providers, you can ensure your home is in good hands.

And if you want to delve deeper into a service provider’s reputation beyond online reviews, here are some questions you can ask upon inquiry:

  • Who are your previous clients?
  • How many years have you been working in the industry?
  • How many clients do you have weekly?
  • What’s the most complicated plumbing issue you’ve ever solved?
  • How many of your customers are repeat clients?

2. Your Plumber Should Be Licensed and Insured

Curious about the greatest assurance of a plumber’s capability to serve your needs? You should look at two things: their licensing and insurance.

When a plumber or plumbing company is licensed and insured to the fullest extent, it’s safe to assume that you won’t have to bear any losses in case any mishaps or back jobs spring to life. Candu Plumbing, for instance, holds various industry certifications and is backed by insurance policies that clients can trust.

By watching out for this simple quality, you can protect yourself from any liabilities for damages that arise from past work and repairs on your home, so make sure to verify first! 

3. Your Plumber Should Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

If a plumbing company stands by its work and believes it’s equipped to handle any homeowner’s needs, the best indicator of this is a money-back guarantee. 

Established companies stand by money-back guarantees as a way to show that they’re confident in their expertise. Just like licenses and insurance policies, these guarantees are proof that a plumber can dish out quality work that anyone can trust for years to come!


Finding a plumber that can best suit your home’s needs is a process that entails consulting with multiple contractors and watching out for the right traits. With this guide, you’ll be able to find the best service provider in no time! 

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