6 Tips to Keep Your Plumbing System Well-Maintained

Plumbing is an integral part of keeping your building operational and functional. You may not see it, but behind every successful flush and faucet flow is a well-maintained plumbing system. To ensure the (literal) smooth flow of your plumbing system, here are a few tips and things to look out for.

1. Know the Scope of Your Pipes

If you’re checking for pipes in a commercial building, be sure you check the layout of everything and how it works. In the long run, it will help to know which flows where, and where things all end up. 

You won’t be able to trace every pipe as some of them are meant to stay hidden among the drainage. Instead, look at sewage maps so you can pinpoint problem areas in a pinch.

2. Conduct Regular Leak Inspections

To make sure every pipe is in place, it is in good practice to conduct regular leak checks all over the building. Make sure there are no puddles near any pipes or protruding pipes from the walls. Other signs of leakage are liquid stains on the wallpaper or paneling.

3. Make Sure Your Faucets Are Working

The ultimate test of effective pipework is the presence of fully functioning faucets. Along with your preliminary leak checks, be sure to check your faucets as well. Turn the faucet on and off and wait.

Observe whether or not faucets continue to drip even after being closed. Make sure that there aren’t any leaks on the units themselves. These things are hard to spot and can make you rack up quite the water bill.

4. Double-Check for Pipe Damage

After a perimeter sweep of the surrounding faucets, the next item on your agenda should be checking how stable your fixtures really are. Although faucets are more prone to leaks, it’s important to make sure everything is secure.

Loose bolts and lids could be a major inconvenience if left unchecked.

5. Make Sure Water Travels Smoothly Through Your Pipes

When you flush, be sure to watch out for any disruptions in the flow of the sewage. If you find that it swirls as it normally does, then that’s a good sign.

However, if you find that there are bubbles or uncharacteristic noises coming from the drain, then that should be cause for concern. If this occurs, you should try to pinpoint the problem. Is it in the pipes? The flush? The whole system?

6. Conduct Regular Flush Checks

Like faucets, flushes can be a very telling sign of a working plumbing system. Make sure to include flush and toilet checks in your routine checking.

Aside from checking the toilet flush, you should also check each unit for any leaks. Toilets harboring any damage are tough to spot but have dire consequences. Before anything bad happens, be sure to prevent it rather than avoid it.


When you have your own business, you don’t always get the chance to check for the stability of your plumbing system. If you avail of drain cleaning services, they will help you by doing regular checks for you.

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