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How Essential Are Backwater Valves to Your Property?

Managing your money as a property owner often requires you to reassess different parts of your area. There’s a lot to learn with all the home systems that keep your house up and running, and plumbing is one thing most homeowners may not really know about all too well.

For example, backwater valves are one of the most essential parts of your plumbing system. However, very few understand the extent of how necessary backwater valves are. Even fewer know what they are, but it’s important to provide this with proper maintenance. If you want to learn more about backwater valves, keep reading this article.

The Definition of Backwater Valves

Backwater valves, also known as backflow, check, or back-up valves, are a component in your plumbing system that helps in stopping sewage water from coming into the home. This flap or covering mechanism is specifically installed on your property’s pipes, which are lateral to the main sewer line of the area that you are in. 

Backwater valves are a lifesaver when it comes to periods of rain, where flooding is a risk that your house would have to face. When there’s a blockage in the main sewer lines and an influx of water, it can cause whatever liquids have accumulated to shoot up to your property’s personal sewer line and get into your home. 

The Mechanics Behind Backwater Valves

Backwater valves are installed in the sewers, from where your personal property’s sewer line and the main sewer lines meet. There are different types of valves that would suit your home’s sewer system and the area that you’re in. If you don’t have one, you may need to contact a plumber who would be able to assess and install one for you. 

As mentioned above, their role is most evident when there’s flooding involved. However, faulty mechanisms with the backwater valves where the flap won’t close and allow water in can lead to damage. The backwater valves should be part of a cohesive and working plumbing system to ensure your safety.

The Essentiality of Backwater Valves

The purposes of backwater valves have already been implied in the earlier points, but it’s important to recount what makes a backwater valve so significant to have. Here are several points that make up the essentiality of backwater valves:

  • To Save Your Sewer Lines. When main sewer lines get too clogged, and they threaten to travel to yours, backwater valves help in stopping that sewage water from getting to your lines. It’s the first line of defense in case of any water problems.
  • To Prevent Plumbing Issues. By keeping your sewer lines safe from having too much water, the rest of your plumbing system should be operating just fine. Avoid any big inconveniences that would take a plumber much longer to repair.
  • To Protect the Property. Without backwater valves, your basement is more likely to get flooded by sewage water. Save yourself the trouble and the potential costs that it would take to get your property in tip-top shape again by just having the valves installed first.


In summary, backwater valves are an essential part of your sewer system and plumbing system. By having a functional valve, you can have some peace of mind even during a storm instead of worrying about a sudden flood and less structural integrity.

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Jeremy Parker

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