Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

No single homeowner wishes to imagine that they have to replace their sewer lines at any point. As a matter of fact, these are pipes that are buried deep in the ground and are out of the way. However, when the time comes and they get damaged, you may be forced to excavate them and the replacement can be costly. Depending on the exact location of the leaks, you may have to tear up a driveway or dig up your yard. This was the traditional way of dealing with sewer line repairs.

Professional plumbing companies in Canoga Park CA have advanced technologies and methods which they use. One such method is trenchless sewer replacement, which is effective and less destructive. This is made possible through camera inspections, revealing the exact problem and location of the issues with your sewer lines. Repairing or replacing sewer lines can be a costly task if you end up working with inexperienced contractors.

The modern method of repairing or replacing sewer pipes is easier and affordable. Using solutions like pipe lining, you can fix your pipes without having to dig up a single trench. As long as you have a reputable technician, they will not waste time with the traditional sewer line repair methods. Plumbing companies like CANDU Plumbing have embraced modern technologies and this has made work easier as far as sewer line repairs go.

How to Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Works

Two main methods can be used in repairing sewer lines without having to dig them out, namely:

  1. Pipe lining
  2. Pipe bursting

Pipe lining is the most common method and in this case, there will be a smaller tube inserted into the sewer lines. The tube is coated with epoxy and will be pushed through the pipes while the resin is still wet. Air is inflated into the tube and when the tube and the resin dry, it forms a coat that fixes the leaks. You will have a new sewer pipe that is stronger and more durable.

Pipe bursting works almost the same as lining. However, in this case, as the new pipe is placed inside the sewer lines it bursts or breaks the old one. At the end of the process, you will have a new sewer pipe in place of the old one. With pipe bursting there will be some digging required and as such, it is not entirely a trenchless method.

In both sewer line repair techniques, there will be minimal damage to your yard and the existing fixtures. When you have a professional plumber repairing your sewer lines, you can be sure that their useful life will be extended by several decades. Talk to your plumber and let them inspect your sewer lines to determine the best method to use. Sewer lines are very important to the overall plumbing infrastructure and your property and need to be maintained.

Sewer and Drain Lines Maintenance

In our experience, we have noticed that sewer lines that are maintained will generally last longer. Some habits lead to costly repairs and replacement of drain and sewer pipes. Even where there are no visible problems, regular drain cleaning is important as this will eliminate any dangers of clogs and blockages. There are several things that you can do as a homeowner to keep your drains and sewer pipes in good shape. Always pay attention to the things that you are pushing down the drains as they could lead to clogs and sewer backups.

Diapers, female products, wet tissues, and other things should not be flushed down the toilet. The toilet is designed to handle human waste and toilet paper, which are easily broken down and taken down the sewer pipes. Do not pour chemicals and other harsh substances down the drain. While these may seem to flow without a problem, they will corrode the pipes and cause them to break after a short while. Having your drain lines and sewer pipes inspected regularly is also a preventative measure. Through video inspections, you can easily tell if there are foreign objects in your sewer lines.


Before even thinking about the trenchless sewer line replacement, there are several measures you can take to avoid blockages in your drain pipes. At CANDU Plumbing, we have a great team of experts that will help with the maintenance, repair, and replacement of your sewer pipes. Speak to one of our experts today for more information and to get a free quote. 

Jeremy Parker

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