Top 5 Causes of A Clogged Sewer Line At Your Home

Each residence is equipped with a plumbing system that directs waste from sinks, showers, toilets, and other fixtures to the main sewer that runs beneath the street. It’s referred to as a sewer line. 

The sewer line in your home is susceptible to obstruction or damage, much like any other pipe, fixture, or plumbing system. The fundamental problem is that it can be difficult to find these impediments.

Your home’s drains might become clogged, allowing sewage back into your house. The situation causes considerable damage to your walls, flooring, and appliances. Additionally, your interior could become contaminated with pathogens, mold, and other things that are bad for your health.

You must stop this disaster by finding the sewer line obstructions before they become a serious issue. 

Whether it is a domestic sewer repair in Canoga Park or a commercial pipe blockage, it would be best to contact a sewage line repair provider for the required repairs. Equally crucial is determining the causes of such obstruction or blockage.

The following factors mostly cause sewage line congestion:

Bathroom Blockage

Sewer lines will also be stopped in the odd case that your sanitary has backed up. Similar to a line clog, sanitary obstructions can cause floods, excessive draining, etc.

If you discover any fundamental sanitary obstructions in your home, you need to act swiftly and get in touch with a dependable plumbing service to fix the problem.

Damaged Lines

The same symptoms as blocked sewer lines start to appear in sewer pipes that have been hurt, damaged, or collapsed. The situation is worrying since your garage, backyard, or basement can leak if quick action isn’t taken.

The ground shifting brings on the damage as a result of insufficient ground support, typical wear and tear, or a catastrophe like an earthquake.

Excessive Rains or Flooding

If you live somewhere that regularly has severe rain, flooding, and other natural catastrophes, sewer line obstruction might be a recurrent problem. The sewer system can only take so much rain or flooding before the water starts to move in other directions.

A sewage backlog and obstacles can result from excessive rainfall into residential sewer systems, which requires quick attention.

Obstruction Inside The Home

If the mainline or sewer line has become blocked, there is a higher possibility that the blockage came from inside your property. These impediments can develop gradually or even suddenly, preventing water flow and harming backups.

The most common reasons for clogging dangers include food and kitchen waste, bathroom waste, and excessive grease that has gathered in the drain.

Trees and Shrubs’ Roots

Be cautious if you have large trees and plants in your yard since they may be causing your sewer lines to become clogged repeatedly. Large trees and plants are always looking for water sources to stay alive throughout the dry seasons.

The closest water supply for the greens is likely a local sewer line. The roots gradually infringe the sewer pipe, which can seriously clog or damage it. Many older homes with antiquated pipes experience this issue frequently. If you notice this, you may need to contact a plumber in Canoga Park. 


Sewer line repairs can be pricey, especially if the problem is severe. In addition to contacting a qualified physician, you must also take precautions to prevent these events. Pay special attention to routine plumbing maintenance in your home and act quickly by getting in touch with one of the best plumbers in Canoga Park. By taking rapid action, you can save a ton of money.

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