The Ultimate Checklist for Bathroom Remodel Preparations

Bathroom remodeling can be quite a project for any homeowner to undertake. Although the results can be extremely exciting, the process of remodeling can stretch on for quite a while. Preparation can also be lengthy, especially if you don’t understand what you should be tackling during those early stages.

There are three stages when it comes to bathroom remodeling preparations, which encompass planning, plumbing, and contacting. If you want to learn more about them in anticipation of your home improvement project, continue reading. 


Planning is the very first step that can set the tone of the whole preparation process, as well as the actual bathroom remodeling phase. Homeowners need to understand and properly execute this first stage to prevent any bumps along the road that can get the whole project completely sidetracked. 

Here’s what you should include in your planning list:

  • Expenses. Budget can be a very important factor for the remodeling project to go through in the first place. Calculating how much money you’re going to need will require canvassing and researching the supplies’ price, as well as quotes from any contractors and professionals. It’s imperative to clear out any financial disparities early on.
  • Design. Design can be the longest part of the planning stage as you try to reconsider what areas you’d want to focus on. With bathrooms, the flooring and cabinetry are two things that should be on top of your plan. If you have any specific features that you want to revamp or enhance, be sure to discuss and finalize them before the project. 
  • Schedule. Essentially, you don’t need to put a deadline. However, for the sake of convenience and adhering to your budget, it’s important to construct a schedule for the remodeling project. Ensure that the timeline is realistic enough to fit all the phases of the actual remodeling project, so consider plumbing, installing, painting, and more.
  • Leeway. As you’re still in the planning phase, it’s best to ensure that you’re giving yourself some financial space. Unexpected occurrences or mistakes can happen, which will entail costs that weren’t in the budget prior. Be sure you have some extra cash to work with rather than risk the remodeling project coming to a halt.
  • Payment. Ask yourself where you’re getting the money to cover the bills. Some homeowners may choose to pay out of pocket, while others recommend taking out a personal or home equity loan. It’s better to have this sorted out before getting to other project stages without the means to pay.


Although plumbing may be considered part of the planning stage, do keep in mind that your remodeling project will be done in the bathrooms. These home areas are often the major beneficiaries of your property’s plumbing system, which is why it’s necessary to dedicate separate time in organizing these with a service provider. 

Here’s what you should add and assess in your plumbing list.

  • Shower Drain. The size and position of the shower drain should be checked. A plumbing expert and your home designer should probably discuss the details as you make the final calls. Typically, bigger drain diameters are used to prevent blockage from the hair and soap scum that might collect in it. 
  • Bathtub Drain. Just like the shower drain, it’s important to consider the bathtub’s drain size and position as well. Additional debris could collect in a tub drain due to any bath salts or additions that a homeowner may use. Note that bigger drains can be more cost-efficient than their smaller counterparts as they’re easier to clean out.
  • Pipe System. The general pipe and drainage system below the bathroom’s whole flooring should be handled by a professional due to the needed attention to detail during installation or reconfiguration. Any wrong move can result in a water burst that could just cost more money down the drain. 
  • Under Cabinet Plumbing. The system can still go beneath or under the sink fixtures and cabinetry that you have in your home. Bathroom remodels tend to move these parts the most, which may require some plumbing reconfiguration. Check in advance whether that’s necessary for your remodeling project.
  • Insulated Plumbing. In colder areas or states where the winter is completely freezing, a property’s plumbing system often has to suffer when it lacks the proper insulation that it needs. Installing insulated plumbing can be a great preventive option during a remodeling project. Ensure that your pipes are protected from extreme temperatures.


As you see the finish line for the bathroom remodel preparations, you need to make just a few calls to finalize everything. This can be a long process, depending on whether you find good people right away. Be sure to seek out skillful and knowledgeable people to help the remodeling project run smoothly.

Here’s who you should have in your contacts regarding the bathroom remodeling:

  • Professionals. The contractors that you hire for your project, whether it’s for the design, plumbing, and more, should all be licensed and capable of bringing your vision to life. Be sure to screen them and their requirements to see whether their documents are permits are up to date. 
  • Subcontractors. The professionals that you hire may bring in some subcontractors to help with the job. In those cases, it’s important that you check on their background as well. Try to learn the terms of your contractor and their subcontractors’ agreement regarding the project.
  • Insurance. Insurance is very important when it comes to your peace of mind and finances in remodeling projects. Both your personal insurance and the workers’ insurance are important to be freed of any legal responsibility. Ideally, you shouldn’t be liable for any damage inflicted or injuries they may have gotten while in your home.
  • References. Before you finally say yes to a crew for your project, request their references and call up those people. It can be much more reassuring to know that the experiences of their past clients have had a pleasant and hassle-free time. Online feedback is also a good way to gauge any contractor or service. 


Preparing for the bathroom remodel should be a stage that’s taken more seriously. By having everything organized, there should be fewer issues and delays during the entire project. You’re sure to attain your new-looking bathroom in no time.

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