Choosing Your Plumbing Pipes When Remodeling the Home

Remodeling the home often means opportunities to renew and replace certain components of the house. One thing to consider on your list is the plumbing and your home’s piping system. Although they are very durable, plumbing pipes still have a tendency after a long period of time. 

If you’ve had the home for a good few decades now, your plumbing’s piping system is probably due for a replacement. Looking through the choices can also give you ideas about what kind of plumbing pipes you’d want to be installed in a new home if you get one. 

There are several options to consider when picking out a plumbing system for your remodeling project. Here’s everything you need to assess and decide on:

Plumbing Pipe Metals

The type of plumbing pipe that you end up choosing can greatly affect you and your loved ones’ safety. Your options would usually vary between what kind of material it’s made of. Metal and plastic make up the main branches of piping materials. Three common metal materials that you should be aware of are:

  • Lead Pipe. Lead was a very used material back before World War II, but many plumbers recommend homeowners to get rid of and avoid any pipes that would even contain this material. Its toxicity compromises the well-being of every occupant at home.
  • Copper Pipe. Copper pipe is an ideal option due to how long-lasting and available it is on the market. However, plumbers may deviate from this due to how thin copper can get. Homeowners on a budget may not appreciate the price tag on copper pipes either.
  • Galvanized Pipe. Galvanized piping is another metal plumbing option, introducing the uses of steel and zinc. These may be the most ideal in terms of features as its anti-corrosion, but it’s considerably heavier compared to other materials.

Plumbing Pipe Plastic

Some homeowners may have a better plumbing system if they go with plastic plumbing materials instead. There are certain perks, like how easy it is to repair compared to plumbing systems made of metal. Installation is significantly simpler to tackle as well. Here are three plastic plumbing pipes to pick from:

  • PVC. PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is a very durable kind of plastic. It’s ideal for homes that use cold to room temperature water, as this piping system is normally found in pools and water mains.
  • CPVC. CPVC or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is a type of pipe material that can withstand both hot and cold water. This is equally as durable as PVC, but it can resist 180-degree heat.
  • PEX. PEX or cross-linked polyethylene is one of the best plastic plumbing materials that you’ll get on the market. This has been specifically designed and engineered to be one of the most durable alternatives to metals.

Plumbing Pipe Installers

Homeowners shouldn’t just assess the plumbing pipe types they want to incorporate into their home remodeling project but also the installer. The overall outcome is only going to be as seemly as how the plumbing materials will be installed. Be sure to get in touch with a good plumbing service provider.


Learning the various plumbing pipe options on the market can be eye-opening. Whether you’re remodeling a newly bought home or one that you’ve had for a good while now, ensure that the plumbing system is up to standard.

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