Reasons and Solutions to Common Holiday Plumbing Problems

Ever noticed and wondered why plumbing problems seem to recur right around the holidays? As if you didn’t have enough stress decorating, gift-buying, and food-making, your pipes suddenly decide they need repairs, too! 

There are valid reasons for these breakdowns, and we’ll go through each of them today, along with the appliances they affect and tips to avoid them!

Garbage Disposal Problems

Just when you need it most after holiday meals, your garbage disposal decides to conk out. Since they shred and dispense leftover food, it could just be a matter of higher-than-normal quantities processed in the Yuletide season, leading the appliance to overwork and malfunction.

Never attempt to fix this piece of machinery on your own. Call a plumber immediately to take a look.

Toiletries Problems

Drains, sinks, and toilets can end up clogged for multiple reasons, too! First are old pipes. They may break down from increased use by relatives and neighbors, especially if you love hosting parties at home.

Next are freezing temperatures. Cold weather could restrict pipe flow since any liquid or debris left behind will coagulate and minimize the plumbing system’s circumference or create a blockage altogether.

Another reason is poor disposal methods. No-nos include pouring oil, grease, paper, or even food debris down the drain since they solidify in cold weather and exacerbate blockages. 

The best solution is to call a plumber to fix your drain, sink, and toilet as with your garbage disposal concerns.

Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems With These Tips

Since you know what appliances are going to be affected and how they could be impacted, here are a few preventive tips to lessen guarantee or avoid plumbing problems altogether:

  1. Dispose of debris, grease, and oils elsewhere: Pipes in the drain, sink, toilet, and garbage disposal are the worst places to get rid of these items since they are more prone to create blockages in cold weather. They also cause foul smells since they deteriorate in your pipes!

Wipe your oily plates and utensils with paper towels and throw them in your garbage cans instead to avoid all your appliances getting damaged during the holidays!

  1. Sift through what you throw in the garbage disposal: Your garbage disposal system can only process soft leftovers. Anything tougher than these waste items will jam the motor or break the impeller:
  • Bones, corn cobs, fruit and vegetable pits, and stalks.
  • Starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes since they’re rough to the touch.
  • Fibrous, stringy vegetables like celery, peas, string beans, etc.
  1. Always have a bathroom wastebasket: It’s so tempting to dispose of the trash straight in the toilet since it goes to the sewer, right? Yes, but not if they clog the pipes and spouts back out the way they came!

This is why a trash can is an essential part of your bathroom. It teaches guests to throw solid waste in the proper place.

  1. Give guests a heads up: The best way to prevent and minimize plumbing problems is to inform your visitors beforehand. Remind them that plumbing problems are more prevalent in the holidays, and their utmost care towards disposal will help you a ton.

One Last Thing

You can place artsy signs throughout your plumbing appliances so guests can visualize what to do and what not to do. Remember, a cheery holiday home is problem-free as it keeps everyone focused on the yuletide season, not on painful plumbing issues.

But if you happen to need a plumber in Studio City, California, contact Candu Plumbing & Roofer right away! We provide quality services to commercial and residential areas throughout the state with our guarantee of long-term prevention and maintenance. Book us now!