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Home Plumbing 101: 3 Common Plumbing Issues Answered

It’s a homeowner’s responsibility to learn basic home maintenance skills, especially when handling different maintenance tasks. Besides being knowledgeable with a hammer and saw, these people should also know their way around basic plumbing issues. It’s a great way to address everyday problems with your utilities while also limiting your need to pay for professional repair services.

Dealing with Common Plumbing Issues

Most homeowners secretly hate to pay others to fix their home’s different complications. This is why DIY tutorials are so popular online for a wide range of topics, from basic carpentry to plumbing tips. If you don’t want to ring your local plumber all the time, learning standard plumbing repairs will be a great relief for your savings.

In this article, we’ll provide three answers to frequently occurring plumbing issues.

1. What Causes Cloudy Tap Water?

Contrary to popular belief, cloudy tap water isn’t just due to sediments or residue in your pipes. While city-fed water supplies are generally to blame, a more common reason is the formation of air bubbles. These tiny air bubbles can become more common during the colder seasons, causing your water to have a cloudy texture due to trapped air.

Performing a water quality test is the best way to determine the true cause of your drinking water’s condition. Besides testing for the presence of air, this process also examines your water supply’s hardness, chlorine content, and other complications. There are plenty of water conditioning and filtration systems you can purchase to address this issue with your tap.

2. What Causes Knocking Pipes After Flushing?

Toilets naturally create a flushing sound as water is forced down the drain. However, this process may also affect other pipes in your house, especially when regulating hot or cold water. For example, hot water pipes may emit noise due to thermal expansion. Additionally, pressure issues could also cause your pipes to emit odd noises upon flushing your toilets.

If your pipes are emitting knocking sounds, you may have issues with your toilet’s fill valve. This plumbing component regulates the water levels in your toilet tank. Most modern toilets tend to close abruptly to minimize the noise’s duration. Unfortunately, this can lead to a water hammer situation which could compromise your other plumbing fixtures.

Since a compromised fill valve can be due to different causes, you need to look for the root cause before determining the proper solution. Keep in mind that repairing this with the wrong answer can lead to more complicated issues down the line.

3. How Do I Fix Water Heater Leaks?

Water heater leaks are a common result of their natural wear and tear. However, not all water heaters require extensive repairs or demand a replacement. Sometimes, you’ll just need to cut off the supply and repair the damage by relieving excess pressure. This will help your water heater system to limit the water leaks and pinpoint its location.

While the procedure above may seem simple, it doesn’t apply to all water heater units. For example, it can be extremely dangerous for homeowners to fix gas water heaters by themselves. This is why a professional plumber is essential for particular plumbing dilemmas.


Knowing the answers to some of the questions above can help you maintain recurring plumbing issues. However, not all complications you face will have a straight answer online. Attempting to fix your plumbing’s difficulties without knowing the full extent of the situation can lead to a more distressing situation. For this reason, it’s vital to consult with a professional plumber when dealing with more complex plumbing concerns.

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Jeremy Parker

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