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4 Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

Plumbing problems are some of the most annoying issues you can ever face in your house. First of all, water is an essential resource that we use in our daily chores. If a faucet, toilet, or pipe starts malfunctioning, your whole day will just go down the drain.

There are common plumbing problems that you can fix by yourself, though! But the thing is, there are some issues, however ordinary they may be, that need professionals to handle them.

Here are some common plumbing issues that require the help of a professional plumber for them to be fixed completely.

Low Water Pressure

If you live in a newly built house, this problem is not something you should worry about. However, if you live in a pretty old and relatively run-down house, you might encounter this issue.

Especially if the house does not have PVC pipes, some mineral buildup will happen in your pipes. When buildup occurs, it will restrict your water flow and significantly decrease your water pressure. In addition to that, those old pipes can break after some time which can be a bigger problem.

When you have low water pressure in your home, contact a professional plumber as soon as possible to get it fixed.

Clogged Drains

Drains are built to let water pass through. This is why pretty much anything can block the drain and clog it. You can fix this by yourself if you can immediately locate the clog.

But if a large amount of debris has accumulated over time, it might be way too far inside your pipes. This calls for a professional drain cleaning service. Doing the job yourself can result in further water damage and other stressful plumbing problems. 

Lack of Hot Water

The lack of hot water can be such a hassle, especially if you live somewhere cold. While you can fix it yourself by restarting the pilot light, that is not enough of a solution in most cases. Cold showers are so stressful, especially during the cooler months. You need to get the heating working correctly, but it’s more than just resetting, and there is a lot of wiring involved.

Sediment build-up or a broken thermostat can result in a lack of hot water and getting stuck showering using cold water. When the simple solution does not work, do not hesitate to call professional plumbers to fix your heater.

Running Toilet

If one day, toilet water just doesn’t stop running after a few seconds after flushing, then you most probably have a running toilet problem. If left alone, this can cause a disgusting and infectious flood in your bathroom. Moreover, it can waste hundreds of gallons of water every single day, which will undoubtedly increase your water bill.

May it be a broken flapper valve, hidden leak, or anything in your toilet, do not attempt to handle it yourself. Call a professional plumber, and they will solve the problem for you.

Final Thoughts

Plumbing issues can be a headache, and there’s so much at stake if you leave the problem to get worse over time. For most issues, it is best to find local experts that can offer the support you need.

Candu Plumbing & Rooter offers professional and quality plumbing services for your house. If you’re in need of Santa Clarita plumbers servicing the surrounding area, do not hesitate to give us a call!

Ben Norman

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