Will There Be Considerable Damage from a Running Toilet?

Plumbing issues are pretty messy and stressful by default. Moreover, there is no question that it can cost quite a bit, especially if the problem is left unchecked for a while. However, one of the most intense problems that can happen is a leaky toilet. It doesn’t matter if the toilet is losing water in a steady fashion or if water gushes quickly from the toilet: the problem is expensive.

It’s worth noting that it’s possible to gauge whether your leaking toilet will lead to further, extensive damage.

Will There Be Considerable Damage from a Running Toilet?

The toilet proper doesn’t really end up with damage, though there’s wear and tear to be had. However, compared to structural water damage and damage to the wastewater drain system proper, it’s very much like a drop in the bucket.

Drains are literally made to handle water, yes. However, when there’s a large volume of it constantly trickling in, it adds to hard mineral deposit buildup within the pipes. As time passes, extensive clogging will happen because a huge blockage will appear. Drain line repair will end up becoming extremely pricey. Pipes that aren’t doing too well in the first place might corrode. In turn, they’ll leak into your home given a crack.

All told, that can add up to dollars in the thousands. There’s also your utility or water bill; a lot of water will end up wasted as your toilet leak runs.

Possible Symptoms of a Toilet Leak

The last thing anyone wants are complexities and expensive costs. Not to mention the way having a faulty toilet can really disrupt the flow of a home, especially if multiple people share a bathroom. Call a plumber if you see any of these possible symptoms of a toilet leak:

Phantom Flushing

Sometimes, even when you or anyone else isn’t using your toilet, you may hear noises. If this happens periodically, it’s definitely a red flag. This is the most typical sign that there’s a leak in the toilet somewhere. For the most part, the problem can likely be traced back to the toilet tank. A kinked chain or a worn-out flapper is probably the culprit.

Staining or Discoloration around the Toilet’s Base

The moment you see standing water, staining, dampness, and the like, be wary. One or more of those are a rather obvious sign that the toilet is leaking. It’s not just any leak, either: it’s likely outside the network of pipes in the first place. Aside from the toilet leak, it means there’s pending structural water damage.

Unusual Mold Growth in the Toilet’s Vicinity

Areas that have a lot of moisture and high levels of humidity are ideal for mold growth. When there’s mold that’s either around a toilet’s base or behind it, chances are high a leak triggered it.


A running toilet may seem like a rather small concern, but it can lead to major problems. The toilet itself will be fine if not worn out. Structural damage will likely occur. It’s ideal to be wary of possible symptoms of a toilet leak, such as unusual mold growth near the toilet, staining or discoloration around the toilet’s base, and phantom flushing.

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