7 Costly Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Having your bathroom renovated is one of the best remodeling projects with an excellent ROI that you can get. However, you can’t start a project without proper planning and execution. Any mistakes you or your contractor commits during the remodeling process will instead cost you some money. Every little mistake could pile up and eventually become a big unnecessary expense, which in turn hurts your ROI. So, you better make sure to get the job done right the first time. To help you get ahead and avoid these mistakes, here are some of the most common bathroom remodeling mishaps and how you can work around them.

1. Improper Spacing

Just like any part of your house, you need to consider how much space you leave for your bathroom. Some older washrooms are known to have improper spacing between the wall and toilet flange. You need to make sure you have enough space for sitting and moving around the bathroom space. For instance, you need more than 12 inches of space around a standard toilet, or you end up making it look and feel too cramped. You also need to measure your plumbing clearances right after demolition and have your local professional plumber in Canoga Park move them into the proper spot. This should give you just enough space to put all the other fixtures in your bathroom.

2. The Right Amount of Lighting

Your bathroom has many uses. It’s a calming place for you to just relax and take a nice warm shower. It’s also where you get ready for the day and do your daily hygiene rituals. Bathroom lighting needs to be constantly adaptable to serve the many uses that it has. That’s why you need to put just the right amount of lighting in it. Making it too dark would make it hard for you to see your face as you get ready. Too much light, on the other hand, isn’t exactly fit for a place of relaxation.

The best way to go around this is to include layers of light wherever possible. Don’t just put a single light source as it gives you very little control on how much light you need depending on what you’re doing. Instead, you can use wall lights on both sides of the mirror to cast an even light across your face. You can also use several downlights throughout the bathroom that you can mix and match to get the right balance of light you need. Dimmer lights are also a good option, but they could cost you a little extra money. The good thing about it is it gives you complete control over the amount of light the space receives. 

3. Choosing the Wrong Material

Any material to be used in your bathroom renovation needs to be just right. You can’t just treat your bathroom like any other room in the house. You need to carefully consider the right materials that offer functionality and style to your bathroom. For instance, marble is a pretty tough material that gives a natural-looking aesthetic, especially to the wash space. However, marble needs to be maintained and can be a little expensive.

Porcelain and ceramic are both common go-to materials for many homeowners’ bathrooms. They are great for sanitaryware, countertops, and wall tiles. If you don’t want to worry about getting your ceiling and walls wet, these materials are perfect as they are watertight and come in a variety of textures and designs.

4. Poor Ventilation

Out of all the areas in your house, your bathroom is perhaps the steamiest because of all the hot water you use. Unless you’re building a sauna, you need proper ventilation, which should be incorporated in your planning in the first place. This isn’t something you just overlook, as it is a key feature of any bathroom. If you have wallpapered walls in your bathroom, it’s all the more crucial since the paper will peel and cause mold to form if you don’t have proper ventilation.

There are many ventilation systems available now on the market. If you want to invest in a more feature-packed one, you can buy ventilation systems that can detect moisture. Whatever type or model you choose, just make sure it lets air in and out of your bathroom as it should be.

5. Mismatched Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures aren’t just a random assortment of things. They need to match and compliment the aesthetics of the entire room. As much as possible, don’t mix more than two types of metals, woods, or tiles or you risk making it look more like a sample room than an actual personal bathroom. Stick to only a single look for your fixtures and fittings to highlight your floor, wall, and ceiling tiles. Sophistication and flow come from the repetition of materials, which is especially important in small spaces like washrooms.

6. Lack of Storage Space

Bathrooms need to be functional as much as aesthetically pleasing. One important feature of functional bathrooms is to have enough storage space for all your needs. Storage space is essential, and not adding enough of them can create innumerable problems and a lot of mess for those who use it. You need to have the right amount of cabinets, shelving, racks, and hooks if you genuinely want to transform your bathroom space into a functional one.

7. Not Consulting Remodeling Professionals

If there’s one area of your house where you shouldn’t resort to DIY practices, it’s the bathroom. The project can be a little tricky, and there are just too many variables in a bathroom renovation project that need some expert insights from a remodeling and design contractor. It pays to have someone who knows all about plumbing and bathroom remodeling. They have the skill and expertise to see where fittings work best and how they can be properly installed and placed in your bathroom.


A bathroom remodeling project is an excellent way to upscale your home’s value and spruce it up a bit. Whether you choose to update your bathroom fixtures or give them an entire makeover, this guide should help you avoid any costly mistakes on your project. 

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