Costs to Expect When Hiring a Plumber

Hiring a Plumber

Before the pandemic, the average plumber in the United States earned over $26 per hour. Although everyone takes precautions and does DIY repairs to their home systems, there comes a time when homeowners need this professional service.


The labor rate is a reasonable charge to pay, but it is also common for several parts or components to be needed to complete the job. If you need a new appliance, those costs are also part of the project.


Your individual costs depend on several factors, including how fast the work needs to be scheduled. Emergency services are often billed at a premium.


What Is the Cost of Hiring a Plumber?

Most projects that require the attention of a plumber typically cost between $50 to $200. Some plumbers or agencies prefer to work on a flat-rate basis instead of trying to estimate an hourly charge for specific tasks.


It might be harder to replace a toilet in one house over another. If there’s a leak in the main line coming into the home, it might take longer to work in a crawlspace than it would in a basement.

These factors often contribute to costs that you’ll pay for after the work is complete.


Labor rates aren’t consistent across the United States. You’ll find that plumbers typically charge more in urban areas and communities with a higher median income than rural providers. 


If your preferred plumber isn’t in your neighborhood or community, there could be a travel charge added to the estimate. The amount covers fuel, insurance, and maintenance needs. Most agencies don’t individualize this fee, choosing to roll it into the hourly rate instead.


That’s why it is often cheaper to hire a trusted local professional than to work with a firm that advertises on TV throughout the entire region.



What About the Cost of Emergency Plumbing Services?

Emergency plumbing services typically cost more because this repair happens outside of regular business hours. It’s not unusual for an additional fee of $50 to $150 to get added to this amount. If the work is extensive, those charges might go even higher.


Those expenses fall outside the price of the parts and components needed to complete the repair. That means your fee might be more than $400 before you even start looking at the itemized list of materials used to finish the job.


Although emergency expenses are never a homeowner’s first-choice option, a plumbing emergency can also happen at any time of the day or night. That’s why it is crucial to have a professional plumber or agency that offers 24-hour services available if you need help.



What Are the Most Common Plumbing Repair Jobs?

Plumbers must identify the actual problem that exists with the plumbing system before they can provide an accurate estimate. A job that might seem like a simple clog might turn into an entire sewer line replacement!


That’s why contacting a professional plumber when you have questions or concerns is always a great idea.


We even offer free sewer camera inspection services to qualifying customers to ensure plumbing peace of mind when there could be a significant problem.


Most plumbing jobs are in the kitchen or bathroom since that’s where most fixtures get installed. The cost of having work done is variable, depending on the product you want to be replaced or repaired.


Some issues are typically priced above $1,000, such as a bathtub installation, shower enclosure work, or jacuzzi repair.


Most jobs fit into the $500 or less category. Those tasks include repairing or installing a faucet, fixing a running toilet, or removing a stubborn clog from a drain.


Repairs in the kitchen that involve the dishwasher, faucet, or sink are typically priced around the same rate as what you’d find in the bathroom.


What About the Cost of a Water Heater?

The cost of a water heater is typically the most expensive plumbing repair that homeowners need.


This issue occurs because 90% of water heaters aren’t swapped out for a newer model until the old one fails. That means the cost of an emergency repair, the price of the unit, and other permits and parts add up quickly.


It’s not unusual for the total cost to exceed $1,000 for this plumbing job. If you want a light commercial water heater with a higher capacity installed in your home, the price can get close to $4,000 for some models.


That’s why the best option is to be proactive with your plumbing maintenance needs. When the water heater gets close to the end of its expected lifespan, you can schedule a replacement time that works better for your schedule and your checkbook.


A Final Thought on Saving Money with Your Plumbing Costs


If you can DIY some common plumbing tasks at home, you can save several hundred dollars each year. It only takes a few tools and a little time to unclog a drain, stop a faucet from leaking, or install a new showerhead.


When you can complete the small jobs, it’s easier to save money for the complicated tasks that sometimes develop at home. Rerouting a pipe or fixing a dishwasher is often a job that needs the touch of a professional plumber.


Some communities have codes that mandate certain plumbing repairs must be handled by a professional only.


The eventual cost of plumbing work shouldn’t be the sole factor to use when deciding who to hire. You need someone or an agency with a reputation for high-quality work, reasonable response times, and guaranteed outcomes. Your investment in these services should offer value for what you pay.


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