Essential Things to Do If You Have a Burst Pipe in Your Home

Burst pipes may be a rare problem, but if they occur, the effects can be costly, highly inconvenient, and even dangerous. There are many reasons that pipes malfunction, such as clogs, corrosion, and rapid temperature changes. 

These issues are more common in the winter when the plumbing experiences increased pressure and volume. Even in sunny California, cold snaps can happen and damage the pipes.

It’s best to get your pipes fixed right away because the longer you leave them broken, the more damage they can cause to your home. If the pipes are near electrical wiring and outlets, you’ll also have a safety hazard to deal with. 

Although plumbing problems are difficult to manage without the necessary skills, there are essential things you can do to deal with the situation before the emergency plumber arrives. With this, here are some practical steps you can take if you have a burst pipe in your home:

1 – Turn Off the Main Water Supply

Turning off the main water supply is the first thing you should do if you have burst pipes because it helps stop the outpour and identify the origin of the damage. It prevents the problem from getting worse while you wait for the emergency plumber to arrive. There are two “stop taps” on your property that can completely shut off the water supply. 

One stop tap is inside your home, typically underneath the kitchen sink, utility room, garage, or downstairs bathroom. The other is outside near the property’s boundary. If you cannot find these taps, it’s best to ask a neighbor, as they’re typically in a similar location. Once you know where they are, turn them clockwise to shut off the main water supply.

2 – Relieve Some Pressure from the Pipes

Built-up water pressure usually causes burst pipes, so it’s crucial to relieve the pressure by draining some water from the plumbing system. You can turn on some faucets and flush the toilet a few times. If you have a hot water system, switch the boiler off and drain the hot water as well. In doing so, you’ll be mitigating the devastating leaks.

3 – Shut the Power Down

Burst pipes can be especially dangerous if the leaks happen near electrical wiring, outlets, and appliances. Sometimes, leaks also become alarmingly large and reach these high-risk areas. If this happens, it’s best to shut the power down to avoid electrical hazards, which can be fatal. Once it’s off, you can remove electrical appliances and place them in safer areas to avoid damage.

4 – Mop Up the Place

Once you turn off both the water and electricity, you can mop up and remove the water from your floors, walls, and other flooded parts of your home. Doing so will protect your home and its contents from further damage. It will also prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Contact an Emergency Plumber Today

Burst pipes are never easy to deal with. More than minor inconveniences, they can be damaging and potentially hazardous problems. It’s best to call emergency plumbing services right away if these issues occur. It’s also ideal to follow the steps above to manage the problem before professional help arrives.

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