Everything You Need to Know When You Repipe Your Home

No matter how meticulous a homeowner you are, it is inevitable that you will face plumbing problems one way or another. While it may be possible to do simple repairs to fix the damage, there are some instances where routine maintenance and repairs may not be enough. Certain situations may warrant a complete home repipe to get your plumbing system running and working correctly again. 

While this may sound like an extremely tedious job, you shouldn’t feel intimidated. This blog post is here to help you determine when to call a plumber and how to recognize which plumbing materials to use in your repiping project.

Everything You Need to Know When You Repipe Your Home

Repiping a home’s entire plumbing system will entail some demolition, plumbing, and reconstruction when the job is accomplished. It is of great importance for your safety that you do not attempt any of this without a professional plumber. 

Knowing When a Repipe Is Needed

The first step is zeroing in on the problem that needs to be fixed. Here are a few of the top reasons why you may want to consider getting your home repiped. 

1 – Your Home Is Using Lead Pipes

Lead pipes were used in homes built in the 1920s or earlier but there are still homes that have them today. These pipes may pose serious health risks and should be replaced as soon as possible.

2 – You Have Galvanized Steel Pipes

The main problem with galvanized steel pipes is that after some time, they get corroded. The corroded material may find its way into your water if you do not get your pipes replaced. 

3 – You Plan to Remodel

If you are planning to do some remodeling work on your home anyway, it may be a good idea to consider having your home repiped as well. 

What You Need to Do Before Repiping

Before you get any plumbing work done, the most logical first step to do is get your pipes inspected and get an estimate of how much everything will cost. Your plumber will be able to tell you if your repipe will need copper, pex or CPVC piping. If they recommend a whole home repipe, you may need to get the necessary permits needed for the job. 

Getting the Job Done Right

Before starting, the plumbers will ensure that all your belongings are safely wrapped and protected. They will go about the process in a systematic manner and ensure that all the affected parts of your home will be fixed as they replace the pipes. Skilled plumbers should be able to get the work done during the daytime hours so your water supply will not be cut off during the night. 


In a nutshell, repiping a home is not the end of the world. It is a job that will need immediate attention but can easily be fixed by a plumbing professional. It is also worth noting that unless you have experience in the plumbing industry, it is best that you leave this task to a professional plumber. Hiring a skilled and experienced plumber will do the trick in making sure that your home’s plumbing repairs get done correctly. 

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