Five Easy Ways to Unclog a Shower Drain

One of the most frustrating things about taking a shower is having water pool in the drain. While calling a plumber to clear the drain can be costly, you can also try some do-it-yourself methods. Using a wire coat hanger to push down the clumps can help you clear the drain easily. Pour boiling water down the drain afterward to flush out the baking soda and vinegar.

The first thing you can try is to unclog the drain with a cable snake. These snakes are cheap and come in various lengths, from 25 feet to 100 feet (7.5 m – 30.5 m). After removing the drain grille, push the snake down the drain, turning it counter-clockwise until you feel resistance and pull it out. Be sure to rinse the drain thoroughly.

Next, use a hot cup of water to clean the drain. This solution works for metal pipes and should work well. Be sure to pour the boiling water slowly – too much hot water could corrode the pipes. A wire coat hanger can be shaped to make a hook, and it can be used to reach into the drain pipe. Once you find the clog, use a screwdriver to remove it. If it’s not completely removable, try using a wire coat hanger to clean the drain.

If you don’t have the time to call a plumber, you can try one of these five methods. It may seem difficult at first, but these methods will help you get rid of the clog fast. If you can’t wait to call a plumber, try these ways and you will have your drain back in no time. Once you’re done, you can start your cleaning. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, and the results will be worth it.

After using a plunger, you can use a wire hanger to pull out the clog. The cable hanger should be flexible enough to get through the drain. When you’re finished, unwind the wire hanger and remove the clog. Once you’ve got the clog, pull it out using your fingers. As you work, you’ll see that you can move on to the next step.

You can use a wire hanger to get at the clogs in the drain. After using a wire hanger, you should wait for the solution to work. A combination of chemicals and a wire hanger can dissolve the clog, but it should not be too harsh to the pipes. A wire hanger should be carefully positioned over the drain grille. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove the smallest hair or other objects from the drain. Drain Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA

One of the most effective ways to unclog a shower drain is to use a cable hanger. This can be a simple way to remove debris from the drain. A wire hanger is similar to a plumber’s snake and has a long enough hook to fish around in a drain. When you feel resistance, turn the cable in a clockwise direction and let it fish through the drain. Once it’s free of the muck, flush the pipe with boiling water.

A plunger can help you get at the clogs with small objects. A broom is an alternative to a plunger. This method also involves using a wire hanger to unclog the drain. A wire hanger is a good option for this as it can easily be bent to a hook of 0.25 inches. Once it reaches the clog, you can continue by attempting to unclog the drain with a wire hanger.

If you’re not a DIY-er, you can use a wet/dry shop vacuum. These vacuums are powerful and can easily remove the clogs in a shower drain. While a vacuum is not a substitute for a professional plumber, it will clear a clog quickly. Its main advantage is that it can help you prevent a recurring occurrence of the problem and avoid costly repairs.