Indications You Should Hire Professional Shower Repair

A shower can often be relaxing, whether you want to wash off a busy day or take a morning bath. Most of the time, you might not think much of it, but when you notice something is wrong with your bath, you start to worry about your shower faucet.

You and your family may experience inconvenience from a broken shower. So it only makes sense to call a plumber to fix a shower. Leading experts provide services for high-end showerheads, cutting-edge faucet designs, and numerous water-saving techniques.

Here are a few clear warning signs that your shower is nearing the end of its life and needs repair:

Visible Leaks

Water constantly leaking from bathroom fixtures, including a shower faucet, is highly inconvenient. Furthermore, every drop of trickling water down the drain adds to your monthly bill.

While working on leaking shower fixtures, an experienced plumber will look for the root of the issues, saving you money and the guilt of wasting water.

Abnormal Changes in Your Water Temperature

While taking a warm shower, if you notice that the water is colder than the temperature settings, it means that your plumbing needs to be fixed right away.

The valves become less reliable as they get older, especially if another source is using the heated water simultaneously. It’s best to call a water heater repair professional to fix this immediately.

Unusual Fluctuations in Water Pressure

Older shower fixtures loosen up and move around, changing the water pressure. Your showerhead may initially shoot out bursts of water when there is fluctuating water pressure and then gradually lose the ability to regulate the water pressure. 

Uneven Spray of Water

Water can spray unevenly and erratically in all directions, which can be annoying. This problem is quite prevalent if you live in an area where the water is hard (contains significant mineral deposits).

Due to the buildup of grime and changes in water pressure, the spray may be uneven, clogging some showerheads more than others. The best course of action is to consult a professional. You can try soaking your showerhead for an hour in a vinegar-water solution and then running a heated shower for a few minutes. By doing this, you can prevent water from getting into your bathroom space needlessly.

Build Up of Sediments and Chemicals

The water that enters your home typically goes through a chemical treatment to make it safe to use. Additionally, significant amounts of minerals and other solid particles are naturally present in water.

With time, these solid materials accumulate in your shower faucet and valves, causing a sediment buildup. Calcium and lime are two chemicals that can cover your shower head and stop the water from flowing. 

Mold Growth

Bathrooms create the ideal environment for microbial and fungal growth, resulting in mold development because they are typically moist, warm, and humid.

Mold can be harmful because it can contribute to conditions like allergies and breathing difficulties. It is best to hire a plumber and replace the fixture if you can see visible green or black spongy growth on your shower.


If you notice these signs, it may be time to repair or replace your shower and bathroom fixtures. A professional can get these problems sorted in no time and reduce water or energy waste in your home. 

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