How a Regular Beach Trip Could Bring Damage to Your Drain

There are so many convincing reasons to love living in California. The place has natural beauty, amazing food and culture, cutting-edge technology, and good music and films. More importantly, there are hundreds of beaches you can visit. 

When you live in this state, you can come to witness the spectacular blue sea and enjoy the golden sand as often as you can. Nothing is stopping you! The only downside is that your drains at home may suffer from too many beach visits. 

If you want to understand what could happen and how you can prevent problems from occurring, this article will explain the potential drain problems you might encounter. Staying informed lets you enjoy more beach visits in the future with little worry. 

Drain Problems Encountered by Those Who Live Near the Beach

Nothing is wrong with frequently visiting the beach, especially when you want to unwind and witness a beautiful view. But part of taking care of your house is knowing the kinds of problems you might encounter and finding ways to prevent them from occurring. Here are the common beach-related house problems that sun-loving homeowners should be more mindful of. 

1. Collection of Sand in the Drain

Sometimes, no matter how much you rinse yourself before coming home, you still end up with more sand coming off your body later. There is no other way out for the sand but to go through your drain pipes. The only danger with the sand is how easily they stick to other buildups inside your drain, and when they do, they can get pretty solid when stuck together. 

Because of this, you might end up dealing with clogged drain pipes. You could also have a hard time emptying the water from the shower, leaving you with a pool of water every time you take a bath. 

Let a plumber take care of this situation. They would offer a clogged drain service to fix your concern. Having an outdoor shower where you can wash again before hitting your bathroom would be an excellent way to prevent incidents like it from arising.

2. Small Debris from the Ocean  

Besides the sand, your swimwear could have gathered small debris from the ocean that can add up to your drain clog. The worst kind you can bring at home is seaweed. When it gets stuck in your pipeline, it could encourage algae growth in your drainage, bringing unwanted odor in the bathroom.

Unlike sand, seaweed pieces are much bigger. Adding a drain strainer would prevent them from getting to your drain. If the issue is already there, you can always rely on a plumber to power wash your drain pipes to remove all the stuck debris. 

3. Rust in the Drain

Water in drains is normal and not too damaging, but saltwater is a different kind. Water permits fast oxidation that saltwater cannot do because of its dissociated ions. The drain’s exposure to saltwater could lead to triggering corrosion. 

Every time you’re fresh from the ocean, your body and hair are covered with salt you do not always see. The salt would end up finding its way into your drains, causing the appearance of rust. 

When your pipes weaken due to rust, it could result in leaks and other pipe problems. Once this happens, pipe repair and replacement are necessary. Washing from an outside shower before you enter the house would also be an excellent method to keep your pipes safe from all kinds of damage-causing elements. 


Not everyone knows that a simple activity such as swimming at the beach can harm their pipes. But now that you’re well-informed, you might as well do what you can to prevent the damage from happening. Regular monitoring of its condition would be a great way to avoid drain problems in the future. Also, make sure to book a clogged drain service as soon as you notice any changes with your pipe’s functionality and appearance.

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