How to Fix Slab Leaks Once and For All

Leaks seem to be a common issue in most homes. Even if you are very diligent with the way you do things, leaks may still happen. There are different types of leaks and the good news is that most of them will happen in places that are within your reach. Some common leaks happen below the sinks, toilet, or shower and they can be fixed without much difficulty. However, slab leaks are worse and rather complicated as they tend to occur under the concrete. These are serious leaks and should be handled by professional plumbing companies in Canoga Park CA.

What Are Slab Leaks?

The plumbing system is quite complicated and while you may see just a few fixtures in your home, there are so many other pipes that are under the foundation. As such, when leaks occur in the slab, it will be hard to detect and this can cause a whole lot of damage before you know it. Slab leaks are commonly caused by pipes bursting under the concrete and the water will start seeping into the ground.

As this is happening, the water may start to erode the soil around your property, and eventually, this affects your foundation. Such leaks are not to be taken lightly and once you notice that there is such a problem contact a professional plumber. Failure to act on time will cause cracks in the foundation as the soil shifts and your house may collapse. It is advisable to have your plumbing system inspected with a camera at least annually so as to detect such problems.

How Often Do Slab Leaks Occur?

There are various factors that influence slab leaks and as such, their frequency may vary from place to place. Certain regions are prone to tremors and earthquakes. In such cases, when the ground shifts, the pipes may be stretched beyond their limit such that they will end breaking. For older homes, the pipes may be worn out and as such, they are more vulnerable to cracks and bursts. When the pipes break, the water will start leaking under the concrete and this is quite dangerous.

When the water is leaking under your foundation, it may be difficult to notice it. However, if you have noticed a significant increase in your utility bill, there is a chance that you may have leaks. Contacting a professional plumber will be a great way to do slab leak detection. Slab leaks can be identified easily.

How to Locate Slab Leaks

There are certain warning signs that may indicate the presence of leaks under your foundation. If you are not sure, here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Warm floor spots
  • Raise parts of the floor
  • Heaving of the foundation
  • Increase in water bill

There are so many other indicators that may show the presence of slab leaks. However, the only way that you can be fully sure if you have such leaks is by hiring a professional plumber. Plumbing companies in Chatsworth CA have specialized equipment which they will use to inspect and detect any leaks that may be under the foundation of your home. Once the leak has been detected, the plumbers will find a way of fixing it in a professional manner.

Professional Slab Leak Repairs

Locating slab leaks is one part of the job as they need to be repaired. Unfortunately, slab leak repairs are not DIY tasks and you should not even attempt them. For an ordinary person, fixing slab leaks can be a challenging task and you may end up damaging other plumbing fixtures. The only way that you can fix slab leaks for good is by hiring a qualified and experienced plumber.

The good news is that when you are working with a professional plumber they will have to locate the leak before any work. There are different methods used including camera inspections and this will save you the hassle of having to dig up the concrete and other parts of your yard. When hiring a plumber for such works, ensure that they have the relevant experience and knowledge about such repairs.

Get Professional Slab Leak Repairs

CANDU Plumbing is the leading company in all forms of plumbing repairs and will be glad to help with slab leaks. Contact us today and speak to one of our qualified plumbers to have your leaking pipes fixed and protect the foundation of your home. You are assured of a 100% customer satisfaction and quality workmanship guarantee with all our services.