How to Light the Pilot Light on Your Hot Water Heater

To light the pilot light on your hot water heater, hold down the control dial for the pilot burner. Once the ignition is confirmed, turn the dial to “on” and hold it for 30 seconds. If the burner is not lit sufficiently, it will go back out. This is normal and shouldn’t cause you any problems. However, you may want to have a friend help you out when it comes to lighting the pilot.

If the pilot light is out, you need to turn the gas valve back to “Pilot”. This should restart the pilot light. To do this, hold down the gas valve until a flame is visible. You will be able to see the burner easily once the pilot light is off. If the flame is still out, you need to turn the gas valve to the “N” position and wait for a few minutes.

To reset the pilot light, open the access door underneath the gas valve. Some models have a small gap between the control panel and the burner compartment. Using a flashlight, locate the pilot light burner. It is located in the center of the water heater and has two small gas tubes coming out of it. Next, turn the gas knob to “Pilot” to start the gas flow and light the pilot flame. Some models have a separate button for pilot mode. Top Quality Water Heater Repair Services in San Fernando Valley, CA and Neighboring Areas

To properly light the pilot, first turn off the gas to the water heater. You can find it on the gas valve’s handle, underneath the burner compartment panel. Then, pull out the panel and insert the flame source underneath the orifice in the pilot supply line. Then, push the button back down and hold it down for about five minutes. Once the flame has been lit, simply press the button once more to turn on the gas.

In order to light the pilot, turn off the gas to the water heater. This will prevent any leaks and damage to the gas valve. If the pilot is not lit, check the gas shut-off valve to see if there are any other issues. Then, shut off the gas and turn the gas to the pilot position. The flame will automatically appear on the control panel. Once the gas is on, turn off the valve and wait at least five minutes.

To light the pilot, first turn off the gas to the water heater. It is then time to light the flame. To light the pilot, you can open the door of the water heater and look for a small window on the front panel. You can turn the hot water heater on and turn the knob to the pilot position. The gas valve must be in the “pilot” position before you can start the hot water.

To light the pilot, turn the gas valve to the “pilot” position. The pilot light will be lit and the water heater will be ready to heat water. To light the pilot, you should turn the gas control knob to “off” and wait 10 minutes. Then, you can turn the knob back to the “pilot” position. After turning the gas off, you must reignite the flame. Using a long barbecue lighter or wand lighter to ignite the pilot will help you light the water heater.

The pilot light is located in the burner of the water heater. If it is not lit, it will need to be lit. If the pilot is not lit, the water heater will need to be restarted. The gas regulator valve is located on the outside of the water heater. Usually, the gas regulator valve is in the “off” position. When you are done, you should try to turn the gas back on and make sure that the gas is on.