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Plumbing 101: Do You Need Drain Clearing or Drain Cleaning?

Homeowners can run into plenty of structural issues while maintaining their home. This is because gradual wear and tear is inevitable, no matter how well-made your home is. Anything from your roof’s shingles to your windows will eventually wear down over time. However, it’s not just your home’s outdoor fixtures that need maintenance.

Plumbing problems vary from minor faucet leaks to major drain blockages. Since every issue can occur for various reasons, it’s also necessary to match these complications with the right solutions. Unfortunately, homeowners aren’t too sure if their plumbing issues should receive a drain clearing or drain cleaning response.

The Problem with Utilities

It’s natural for homeowners to pay attention to visible signs of damage to their homes. For example, a rusty doorknob or stained wall will invite further inspection and immediate resolution. While this manner of preventing structural damage can work most of the time, it’s not always true for the hidden parts of your home.

Problems in utilities like electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures are typically harder to solve. This is because their signs of damage can be undetectable before they get worse. For plumbing, these signs can be odd sounds down your pipes, slower flushing in the toilet, or even foul stench from the drain. Once these issues are present, it’s important to determine which treatment can solve them properly.

The Impact of Drain Cleaning

Solving drain issues will typically require one of two solutions. For general purposes, drain cleaning is the best option to solve your plumbing problems. This is usually necessary if you encounter frequent clogs down your pipe.

Drain cleaning is performed through hydro-jetting, using high-powered blasts of water to remove build-ups of soils and other contaminants lurking within your plumbing. These chunks of blockage will then be flushed in bits to give your inner pipes room to breathe.

Besides dislodging clogs, hydro-jetting also prevents future blockages from happening. The pressurized water can clear off different materials like sticky grease and hard debris like cement through its special hose and nozzle. While it may seem like an all-around solution, it’s not always the first plumbing solution you should consider.

The Effect of Drain Clearing

Releasing strong waves of pressurized water down the drain isn’t always the best solution for your plumbing problem. This is because it’s a method that will benefit robust pipe systems installed in the past years. Instead of solving your blockage problem. Older or more compromised pipelines can break due to the water’s impact. This is why a more subtle approach may be necessary.

Drain clearing is when a plumber maneuvers a plumbing snake inserted into your pipes. This heavy-duty cable has a blade that rotates to clear blockages in its path. Through this method, there’s a reduced risk of damaging the pipe’s inner linings. It’s a recommended option for homes with more unstable plumbing fixtures.

Although significant amounts of the clogs will be removed, there’s still a risk for potential drainage issues in the future. This is why it’s generally safer to upgrade your pipelines after receiving drain clearing for a long-term solution.


If you’re still unsure if your home needs a clearing or cleaning solution, it’s best to work with your plumber on what to do next. Getting their professional diagnosis if your plumbing problem confirms which steps will help with your situation. For this reason, you should only work with reliable plumbers to give you an accurate and effective response to your plumbing dilemma.

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