4 Plumbing Issues behind Your Home’s Low Water Pressure

Maintaining the right water pressure in your home is an everyday essential to keeping your family comfortable. If you’re beginning to notice that your home’s water pressure is having issues, here are some plumbing issues that might be causing that:

1. Problems With the Water Valve

Your home’s water flow is controlled by two shut-off valves. The first one is on the street, right next to your water meter, and the other one is inside your home, possibly right around the walls where the water piping feeds in. 

The poor water pressure might be caused by either or both these valves failing to completely open, effectively limiting water flow pushed through at any given time. The low pressure may be due to damage sustained by the valves during maintenance or simply from a sediment buildup. 

If the issue is caused by sediment, you only need to gently open and close the valve for the sediment to break free and return water pressure to normal.

2. Bad Fixtures

Low water pressure usually arises from problems with faucets and showerheads. As these fixtures age, they get clogged with lime, dirt, or rust, negatively affecting your water pressure. 

To ensure that the issue stems from this, clean the screen and aerator on the fixture. Then, rerun the faucet and showerhead to see if that has solved the issue. If nothing has changed, it might be time for a fixture replacement.

3. Clogged Pipes

If both your valves and fixtures work properly, the culprit behind your home’s low water pressure may be clogged water pipes, which is common with galvanized pipes. However, this problem isn’t something you should fix on your own.

It’s best to call a plumber to diagnose the problem and repair what is needed properly. You should never attempt to unclog water pipes on your own, or you might end up contaminating your own drinking water. 

A professional plumber can accurately pinpoint the location of the clog and address the problem while still preserving the purity of your water.

4. Corroded Plumbing

Corrosion in your plumbing means that water flow is blocked to your fixtures. This is common with older homes with outdated plumbing. This issue can cause numerous problems with the safety of your water supply, so addressing this problem must be done cautiously.

If the low water pressure is caused by corrosion or leaky pipes, you might need to replace all the plumbing. However, if the problem isn’t because of corrosion, it could be that your old lines are too thin to allow adequate water flow to your home, which still means you need to replace your entire plumbing. 


Identifying the exact cause of your home’s low water pressure might be a process of elimination. That is because there are numerous factors and possibilities, and it’s not always visible. Instead, what you need is a professional plumber that can inspect your plumbing and diagnose the root cause of the problem. Then, they can provide you with the right solution.

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