5 Common Plumbing Issues in Commercial Properties

Plumbing maintenance and repair is an essential aspect of any commercial building’s or office’s operations since it is regarded as part of their service to customers and clients. However, there is a distinction between skilled diagnostic tests and procedures performed by professional plumbing services and acquiring quick remedies for common problems. 

To give you an idea, here are some of the most common plumbing issues that require the services of a professional plumber at Oak Park: 

1. Stains and Foul Odor 

Especially in the food and beverage sector, a filthy toilet can negatively impact your customers, who will equate it with how you do business. 

Foul odors may arise from various sources, including aging pipes, clogged drains, and toilets, all of which can be readily remedied by contacting a qualified plumber. If there are stains in the restrooms, there might be leaks in the pipes, either broken or old. 

2. Clogged Toilets and Drains 

Clogged drains are another typical problem that must be treated at once to avoid more complications. Toilets that are clogged are a nuisance that can lead to a bacterial infestation in the bathroom. To prevent this from happening, plan preventative maintenance in your commercial building’s restrooms. You can also establish standards for regular toilet usage as well as a reliable waste disposal system.

3. Water Leaks

Water leaks are produced by wear and tear on the washers, seals, O-rings, and plumbing systems. The damage and the expense of cleaning can be mitigated if these problems are handled early. That is why if water leaks in faucets, sinks, toilets, and pipes are identified, frequent examination and maintenance will keep the cost of repairs minimal. 

After all, some leaks may go unnoticed by inexperienced eyes until the water bill arrives. Request a water leak repair in Oak Park early on to ensure that planned inspections are always completed and that emergency problems can be handled quickly.

4. Silent Leaks

Because of worn-out seals or damage in the plumbing system, commercial buildings ten years or older are prone to these issues. This is even more troublesome if the water does not appear to run when the tap is turned off, even though the monthly water bill has recently ballooned. 

Not only does the workplace waste a lot of water, but it also puts the structure of the building in jeopardy if the problem isn’t addressed. Make sure to contact a plumbing contractor to do a complete assessment of the building’s plumbing systems. 

5. Damaged Pipes and Tubing 

If there are leaks in the building’s water pipes, one of them might rupture, causing structural damage. 

You’ll need to ask for water line servicing to avoid damage to the commercial property’s walls, floors, and ceilings when this happens. Make sure to seek repairs as soon as you detect damaged water pipes and tubing. If you wait for mold and mildew to grow before getting the repairs, you may end up with higher costs. 


Plumbing issues in a commercial facility can affect hundreds of people. As soon as you discover the early signs of the above issues, make sure to contact an emergency plumber in Oak Park immediately.

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