5 Plumbing Myths and Why They No Longer Apply Today

Many people claim that plumbing is easy to do, and many say it is better to leave the task up to the professionals. However, which of the statements are true? Well, it is a little vaguer than you might realize. The answer lies between the two claims. Some plumbing issues can easily be fixed by yourself, while others require a professional’s touch to fix them correctly. Regardless, many individuals end up refusing to do plumbing irrespective of how easy a fix is because of many myths they’ve heard that have long-time been proven false.

Are you sitting there and wondering if you should be tackling a plumbing issue you’re currently facing because of something someone told you previously? If so, there’s a chance that what you’ve heard might be a myth. While myths typically have been based on some truths, what you’ve heard might be no longer relevant because of the advances in the plumbing world’s technology, meaning that what you’ve heard no longer applies today.

Today, we want to tackle plumbing myths to uncover the truth to get you up on track to what’s applies and what doesn’t anymore:

Myth 1. If the Drains Are Working, There Are No Problems

Many people judge their plumbing based on the performance of their sink and shower drains. They believe that if everything drains without a problem, there is nothing wrong with the plumbing system. Sure, the drains might be a common area for issues to show up when there’s something wrong with the plumbing. However, this isn’t always the case. Many other plumbing issues don’t have anything to do with the drains, meaning that the drains can be working perfectly fine while a plumbing issue somewhere else is secretly wreaking havoc.

With that in mind, we’re not saying that a problematic drain doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the system. Drains are one of the first places to show any plumbing issues such as clogs. As such, if you see any problems with the drains, avoid using the area and call a plumber to have the clog removed to stop worsening the issue.

Myth 2. Lemons Are Perfect for Cleaning Garbage Disposals

You might have heard this from your parents, your grandparents, or even your great-grandparents. They’ve told you that lemons are a great way to clean your garbage disposals, and this can be done by simply sticking a lemon down there to get it cleaned naturally. Unfortunately, the truth cannot be further from this. In reality, sticking a lemon into the garbage disposal won’t clean it. It can even dull and break the blades, meaning that throwing a lemon into the disposal will do nothing but destroy the garbage disposal system. 

If you want to clean your garbage disposal, put away the lemon and take out your brush and some warm water mixed with soap. This is an effective and safe way to remove grime.

Myth 3. Only the Most Potent Chemicals Can Address Clogs

Many people believe that clogs are these hardened materials found inside pipes that won’t budge unless the strongest chemicals in the world are used to remove them. Sure, such chemicals may clear blocks, but they can do more harm than good. Strong chemicals won’t differentiate the clog from the rest of the pipe, meaning that the pipe itself might also get eaten away, leading to corrosion and other issues. It can even cause health problems to your family!

As such, when it comes to clearing your clogged pipes, avoid using chemicals at all costs. Call a plumber for a fix instead, as they can put into place an effective and safe method to clear the pipes from the clog to avoid any unnecessary damages.

Myth 4. No Faucet in This World Is Free From the Risk of Leaks

No faucet in this world is indeed free from the risk of leaks. After all, everything slowly deteriorates, and even the best-designed faucet will leak sooner or later. However, this doesn’t mean that you should settle for a leaky faucet. It is a sign of a massive problem if not dealt with quickly, and it can be a sign that the water pressure isn’t right, the faucet wasn’t installed properly, and the like. Over time, the leak can also lead to wasted money, which can be incredibly expensive if left to leak year after year.

When you do spot a leaky faucet, take action immediately. Have a plumber come and check the issue to ensure all the possible causes of the leaky faucet are identified. This will ensure that the right fixes are made, keeping leaking issues away for a long time.

Myth 5. Every Plumber Out There Can Offer You the Same Service

You might think that every “professional” plumber out there is an expert at just about everything in your plumbing system. While they will be much more qualified than you are in dealing with plumbing issues, this doesn’t mean that all plumbers will offer the same results. Different plumbers have different expertise, and some are better at dealing with specific problems moreso than others.

To ensure that you get the most out of your plumbing service, it is vital to only hire professional plumbers that are experienced and licensed for the job. Also, make sure that the company they’re working for has excellent reviews and uses the latest technologies. This ensures that the plumbing issue you might be facing is fixed thoroughly, never coming back anytime soon to bother you.


Plumbing needs come in all shapes and sizes, but what you must know is that many of the myths above are, as they are, myths. While some might have been true many years ago, they no longer apply today. Knowing what’s true and what isn’t is vital to ensure that when you do run into a plumbing issue, you take the right course of action to get the problem fixed when you do run into a plumbing issue. What is that course of action, you ask? It is to take the situation seriously and call a plumber for help should you find it not easy to fix it all by yourself! Just be sure that the plumber you hire works for a reputable company, as this will ensure that you will enjoy the high-quality services you need to get your plumbing problem addressed for the long term.

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