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5 Tips to Prepare your Plumbing System for the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of year when a lot of families get together, enjoy the festive spirit and have a lot of fun. Another holiday season is upon us, which means more cooking, cleaning, and other activities to prepare for the big day. 

However, it can also be a time when plumbing takes a back seat to all the festivities going on in the house. But things need not be that way. You can still provide maximum protection for your plumbing this holiday season.

If you want to be prepared in case disaster strikes when everything’s merry and bright, here are some tips to protect your plumbing from damage over the holidays.

1. Invest in Regular Plumbing Inspections

Before the holiday season arrives, consider hiring a plumbing service for inspection. A pre-holiday plumbing inspection involves the fixtures, water heater, and checking for signs of leaks. Taking this proactive approach will help you determine issues and solve them before they turn into anything major. 

2. Eliminate the Clogs

Do you have slow drains? Perhaps, you noticed your toilets get clogged easily. Address any of these issues immediately because they are strong indicators of a clog. If you don’t solve it right away, you can encounter a huge problem in the future. 

3. Take It Easy on Your Drains

You’ll probably cook a lot of food during the holidays, which means you will have a lot of extra food down the drain. The good thing is you can do some things to keep your kitchen under control. One is to have a basket where you can throw foods that are not allowed in your garbage disposal. You can also put catches in the sink to prevent anything from going down the drain. 

Doing these things will help you keep your kitchen under control that will save your plumbing. 

4. Have Trash Bins Near Toilets

Another holiday plumbing issue are clogged toilets because some guests don’t know they shouldn’t flush certain things. Having trash bins nearby will reduce the temptation of flushing down things. It also wouldn’t hurt to remind your guests about what they can and can’t flush down the toilets.

5. Have Someone in Charge of the Garbage Disposal

It’s natural during the holidays to have some guests volunteer to help out. This is good; however, you might not be comfortable instructing them on what to do. With this, you can have someone in charge of the sink area—someone who knows what not to put down the drain.

Another thing you can do is to run plenty of cold water for at least 30 seconds after you shut off your garbage disposal. Doing so will help clear out the pipes. 

Be Prepared for the Holidays

Keeping your plumbing system in check as the holidays roll around is important. The good news is there are many things you can do to prevent any plumbing issues. Have a good plumber inspect your plumbing and ensure they’re ready for the holidays. Take the time to find a reliable plumber to do the necessary inspections before the start of the holidays. 

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Jeremy Parker

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