5 Potential Reasons Why Your Sink is Slow at Draining Water

Homeowners can often run into a couple of setbacks that can be rather annoying to deal with. A slow water drain in your kitchen or bathroom sink can be one of the most irritating things to occur during your day since it inhibits the majority of the chores and even your ability to wash your hands.

Some people may be able to put up with sinks that are slow at draining water, but it’s important to recognize that there might be an issue that’s preventing your water fixture from draining quickly and properly. Call in plumbing professionals who can take a look and fix the sink for you.

If you’re curious about why your sink is probably slow at draining water, here are a couple of potential reasons:

1) The Drain Is Clogged

One of the main reasons why your sink is taking too long to get the water moving is due to a clog in the drain. These kinds of clogs can be rather annoying, but most are likely minor for the most part if the water is slowly going down when the sink is overflown with water.

However, clogged drains shouldn’t mean that you should feel complacent. Homeowners should call up a professional who would be able to conduct some drain cleaning to remove the blockage and prevent further buildup from occurring in the near future.

2) There are Objects Stuck in the Pipe Openings

The drain isn’t the only part of the sink where things get stuck, as the pipes are also susceptible to a couple of clogs every now and then. For example, certain objects such as a ring or miniature toys might have fallen down the drain and into the pipe opening. Be sure to call up a plumbing expert that can safely extract and retrieve the item.

3) There’s a Pipe Blockage

Further blockages might be in the pipe itself. Whether it’s an object, a bunch of tree roots,  a buildup of food residue, or more, it may not bode well for your plumbing system overall. Allow your plumber to take a look at a couple of sections and remove the blockage early on so that your water can flow smoothly again. 

4) There’s Sludge in the Septic Tank

The septic tank to where the sink is connected can be prone to problems, and its efficiency can affect how quickly your sink drains any water. For instance, if any sludge starts to build up within the sink, the plumbing lines tend to generate some of their own blockages. Your plumber should be able to pinpoint if your septic tank’s the cause behind your slow sink and fix the issue for you.

5) The Plumbing System Is Aging

Your home’s sink drains, pipes, and other plumbing components are all exposed to deterioration or aging, especially due to thorough use and chemicals. It can’t be helped when your plumbing system starts to erode, with the slow draining water acting as a telltale sign. Have a plumbing professional paint you a clear picture of your plumbing system’s condition and your options.


Whatever the reason may be for your sink and its slowed abilities to drain water, it’s imperative that it’s fixed right away. If you’d want to prevent a similar scenario from occurring in your home, have a regular drain cleaning schedule.

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