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The Right Questions to Ask When Analyzing a Plumbing Problem

They say that every problem in life has an equivalent solution. While that may be true for the most part, the truth is that you can’t just jump towards the answer without analyzing the questions first. Many people fail to solve their problems as they do not understand their root cause, and neither do they have any idea of how to handle them.

The same principle applies in all aspects of home maintenance, and one of the most crucial sections for this would be the plumbing system. While you can argue that such a problem is best left to the experts, you must also remember that leaving them to do all the checking may be more time-consuming; that is why you must do the first check by yourself.

If you wish to analyze the extent of your piping problems, there is no better way to do that than by asking the right questions from the start. You may not be able to answer them all by now, but by taking note of these questions, you may be able to make the plumber’s work more accessible, not to mention more informed and efficient.

1. Is There Any Odor at Home?

If you are suddenly smelling strange odors at home, chances are, there may be a leak on your pipes. This is obvious for pipes directly connected to your sewers, especially if you notice a putrid smell. If you ever get a whiff of that, be sure to call your plumber immediately. Dealing with a leak is no laughing matter, much more dirty droplets of water coming from your toilet.

2. Are There Strange Discolorations on Your Walls?

Most of the time, our walls will react to the presence of leaks on our pipes. This means that you may notice brown patches on your walls. It doesn’t even matter what type of wall you have; the water will always seep through the cracks, causing the presence of spots or molds. The latter can be dangerous and should be dealt with at all costs.

3. What Is the Color of the Water?

Another thing that you should be looking out for is the color of your water supply. Water that is transparent and does not show any signs of discoloration is safe to use. 

On the other hand, if the water coming out of your faucet or shower is gray or black, then there may have been contamination in your water supply. It’s either a leak or a blown-up pipe. Whatever the cause may be, tend to it immediately, or you will risk the health of your household due to dirty water.

4. Can I Shut Off the Valve?

The flow of water in our pipes can usually be stopped with our main valves at home. They can either be found in the basement or other sections of our indoors. If ever you see signs of plumbing damages, you may turn off the valve until such time that the plumbers can arrive and fix the problem for you. 

If the valve can’t be turned off or damaged, you may immediately call for the experts so that no more water may be wasted due to the leaks.


Getting your pipes fixed in no time is just a matter of asking the right questions. By doing so, you will be able to analyze the cause of the problem and think of the right solutions to deal with them. DIY methods can often fix them, but you may call for the plumbers to do most of the heavy lifting for you if they get too tricky to handle.

Remember, never hesitate to call for help and look for the early signs of pipe damages and leaks so that you may be able to handle them before they get worse.

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Jeremy Parker

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