Save Your Plumbing By Changing These Common Shower Habits

Everyone loves a good shower. It’s a great way to unwind after a tough day and can do wonders for your tense muscles. It’s also a necessary practice to maintain your health. However, certain shower habits, which are common among people, have been detrimental to your plumbing’s condition over time.

Functional plumbing is essential to maintaining your well-being because it’s partly responsible for keeping your house operative and in good condition. To avoid calling an emergency plumber, here are some shower habits you might want to kick if you wish to keep your plumbing in good condition:

Overly Long Hot Showers

Everybody loves hot showers, and for a good reason. It’s the best cure for a long, hard day, and it helps your body relax. It’s even beneficial if you exercise regularly and you’ve got sore muscles. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with hot showers, but your plumber would most likely thank you if you kept them short and sweet. 

Prolonged exposure to the steam from a hot shower can encourage mold to grow on your walls and in your pipes, which can cause your plumbing to deteriorate. Aside from that, mold is also considered a severe health risk.

Hair in the Drain

Hair in the drain is probably the most common complaint people have about bad shower habits. Aside from it being unhygienic and inconvenient for people you share a bathroom with, it can also cause severe damage to your drains.

A buildup of hairs and other residues from a shower can cause a clogged drain and damage your plumbing. To avoid this, install a drain stopper that can catch all your hair and prevent blockages. It’s a hassle-free way to keep your drain clear, and you’d only need to clean it every other day to make sure it won’t hold water from going down the drain.

Hard Water Buildup

Hard water buildup comes from your shower water, which usually contains minerals. When it gets left in your pipes, it can cause mineral deposits. These deposits can then cause a buildup in your lines, which will affect everything from your showerhead water down to your drainage pipes.

To avoid causing problems to your entire plumbing system, you have to hire professional drain cleaners to ensure your pipes aren’t collecting hard water. They’ll need to clear out the buildup as soon as possible to prevent more costly damage.

Wet Floors

When you’re taking a shower, it’s perfectly normal for the floors to get wet. However, most people are unaware that it’s not good to leave them like that. After showering, the little puddles of water may be harmless at first, but they’re a considerable risk for injury and damage.

Constant dampness in your bathroom can cause mold to grow and lead to the warping or delamination of your bathroom floor. If your flooring is made of wood, the dampness can even cause it to rot. It’s important to dry off your floors after every shower to prevent damage.


These habits may seem small and unimportant, but their effects can build up and take a toll on your plumbing over time. Aside from changing what you do in the shower, you can also hire a professional plumber for regular maintenance. In the long run, it’s a less expensive way to keep your plumbing system in good condition.

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