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Top Signs to Look Out for to Identify a Gas Leak at Home

A gas leak is a major issue that could potentially put you or any people within the area at high risk. It could make you ill or possibly even kill anyone exposed to the gas.

Sometimes gas leaks can go unidentified, but there are signs you can look out for. If you want to know if you have a gas leak at home, look out for these signs below.

1. Hissing Sound

The hissing sound can occur when the gas is released. It may start off as a slight hissing sound, but as the gas keeps leaking, the sound will be louder. The sound can come from a specific area or from different areas around the home.

2. Rotten Egg Smell

If you can smell a rotten egg smell, this may indicate that you have a gas leak at home. This smell can become more prominent shortly after the hissing sound begins. The smell could be coming from the ground, the water supply, or even the vents.

3. Dying Plants

If you notice that your plants are dying at a rapid pace, then it is most likely caused by leaking gas. The roots of the plants will absorb the gas, which will disrupt the plants’ metabolism and is toxic for them.

4. Random Fire

If you notice that a random fire has started or you see sparks, this could be due to a gas leak. In addition, if you notice that the fire seems to be coming from one specific area, this could indicate that you have a gas leak in that area.

5. Bubbles in Water

Another indication of a gas leak is a change in your water supply, Specifically bubbles on the surface of the water. The nearer the water is to the area or source of the gas leak, then the more it will be bubbling.

6. Headache and Nausea

A gas leak can cause the people exposed to them to suffer from a headache or nausea. If you notice that you have these symptoms even just doing your daily routine and chores, you should check for a possible gas leak ASAP.

7. Sore Throat and Difficulty Breathing

A gas leak can also cause people to suffer from a sore throat and difficulty breathing. This can be due to the fact that the gas is entering the lungs which can cause an effect.

8. Skin Problems

Another symptom caused by a gas leak is skin problems. Skin problems can occur if a person is directly exposed to the gas or if the gas seeps into the soil, which is then absorbed by the skin.

9. Animals Acting Strange

Another sign of a gas leak is if you notice that your pets are acting strange like being lethargic or even vomiting. You may not be able to smell the gas directly, but your pet may smell it and react to it.

10. People in the House Are Unwell

A gas leak could cause people in the house to be ill. In fact, if the gas leak is in your home, then everyone in the household is at risk. If you notice that a gas leak is occurring in your home, then you should immediately leave the home.


Gas leaks can cause devastating issues if you do not take proper care. However, if you are able to detect the telltale signs as mentioned above, then you will be able to quickly identify a gas leak and prevent any accidents.

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