5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Clean Your Drain Right Now

Every day, plumbing issues catch individuals off guard due to their failure to notice the warning signs. That’s right—before they become severe, red flags emerge and give you an opportunity to proactively keep the damage from worsening. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what to look out for.

When it comes to a clogged drain, there are a few indicators you should be aware of. Knowing how to spot the signs of a blocked drain before calamity strikes might help you avoid costly repairs and any inconvenience. Here are five tell-tale signs that your drains require cleaning:

1 – Unusual Noises

If you hear weird sounds coming from your drains, they may require cleaning. Your drains should not be making gurgling, rumpling, or slamming noises which are frequently the result of anything blocking your path. As a result, the water in the drain is looking for somewhere to go. This can put undue strain on your drain pipes and lead to leaks—a problem even worse than before.

Call your plumber right away if you hear weird sounds emanating from your drains. The longer you ignore a blockage, the worse it will get.

2 – Slow Drainage

One of the most obvious symptoms that your drain needs to be cleaned is failure to drain efficiently. If your sink fills up with water when the tap is turned off, or your tub doesn’t drain as quickly as it used to, there is most likely a blockage. Sometimes the problem is as simple as pulling the hair out of the drain; other times, the issue is more serious.

Having your drains cleaned regularly is the best approach to deal with poor drainage. Cleaning removes any debris that has accumulated over time and any blockages that are hindering appropriate drainage.

3 – Smelly Drains

Foul odors emanating from your drains are unusual and may indicate that they need cleaning. If you’ve ruled out a dry trap, a clogged drain is the next most likely culprit. Bacteria generate foul odors, and if you have a clog in your pipes, bacteria will collect there, resulting in stinky drains.

Drain cleaning by a professional will remove the clog and bacteria, leaving your strains smelling clean and fresh.

4 – Water Backing Up

Your plumbing system consists of a complex system of pipes and drains. When one drain becomes clogged, water can back up into another, seeking a way to escape. When pressure rises, it may force water out of another drain in your home. If this is the case, you must address the source of the issue. Your best bet is to get a plumbing check and expert drain cleaning.

5 – Flooding

When a drain pipe becomes clogged, the water must find a way to escape. The intense pressure that builds up inside your pipes can cause a leak or a line to bust if it isn’t pushing back up the drain. As a result, you will notice flooding.

Drain pipes can be found underground, in your walls, and under your flooring. If there has been a leak, the water will rise. You may find puddles of water on your floor or in your yard for no apparent reason. You may detect water damage if the leak is hidden behind the wall. Mold and mildew, which has an earthy odor, is another warning to look out for. A sewage leak is a significant issue that should not be overlooked.

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If you are experiencing any of the problems listed above, contact a professional plumber. It’s best to call sooner rather than later if you have two or more of these symptoms simultaneously. A minor plumbing issue might quickly turn into a more significant sanitary concern.

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