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Why Toilet Repair Should Be Done by a Professional Plumber

If you install a toilet yourself, you may cause significant damage to your toilet fittings and any components near it. A competent plumber will be required for your installation project. Professional plumbers are educated, certified, and insured in their fields. If they do not complete the task correctly, they are required by law to take the necessary steps to correct the situation.

There are numerous reasons to hire a plumber to install a toilet. Here are a few explanations.

Toilets Can Be Heavy to Install

The weight of a toilet varies according to its size and attached accessories. They can weigh anywhere from eighty-eight pounds to one hundred twenty pounds, which is quite heavy for most people.

Heavy items, such as toilets, must be handled and lifted with care. People who lack knowledge and expertise in handling these items may drop and break them. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, transport toilets for installation daily. They can move and position the bathroom without causing any damage to the toilet and the bathroom floor. At candu we also provide Toilet repair services.

Toilets Are Fragile

In addition to being heavy, Toilets are also delicate, which means they are easily broken when mishandled. Furthermore, when porcelains break, they can shatter into sharper pieces that can cause cut or laceration injuries to you or any inexperienced individual attempting to install or repair the toilet bowl.

Professional plumbers are well-versed in this subject and can use extreme caution when moving this delicate toilet component. You can also be confident that they understand the proper procedures for avoiding damage and ensuring proper operation.

Expert Toilet Installation Prevents Leaks

It’s tough to notice a leaking toilet, especially on the second story. You may observe water accumulating on the first-floor ceiling after a few days, indicating that the toilet was not correctly installed. It won’t be long until you see dark stains on the ceiling just beneath the toilet if you use it frequently. Leaks will go undiscovered if no stains appear, often leading to mold growth.

If a toilet is not properly seated and sealed, it might leak around the base or from the tank. After installation, resolving these difficulties is exceedingly tough. As a result, you want your toilet installation to go as easily as possible. To ensure that your new bathroom fixture lasts for years without leaking, enlist the help of a plumber.


The process of installing a toilet appears to be easy. When homeowners attempt to install a toilet on their own, they significantly increase their chances of failure. This is due to a lack of experience and a failure to discover and identify any further potential problems that could result in a catastrophic failure and substantial property damage. These problems can range in complexity from a worn supply line and valve to a broken or damaged toilet flange.

In other words, a defective supply valve could result in a leak or make it impossible to turn off the water to the toilet. Additionally, a rusty supply line could rupture, flooding your property. If the toilet’s flange is damaged, it will not sit properly, causing sewage to leak into your home.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, you should leave toilet installation to the professionals. Schedule a professional plumber in Glendale to visit your home by contacting Candu Plumbing. They’ll examine your plumbing needs and help you choose a new toilet for your home. Allow our professional plumbers and high-quality service and products to assist you in developing the home of your dreams.

Jeremy Parker

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