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Top 5 Ways to Get Hair Out of Your Drains

A cotton bud can be used to remove the hair in a drain. Wiggle the cotton bud around the drain in a circular motion. You’ll see hair at the end when you pull the bud out. Repeat this process several times. This method is not as clean as the others, but it is effective and cheap. There are more effective methods as well, such as using an enzymatic drain cleaner.

Coke or Pepsi dissolves hair

If you’re tired of spending money on commercial drain cleaners, you can try homemade alternatives. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can clear clogs from drains. The combination dissolves hair and loosens any buildup. Coke and vinegar make a strong mix, but they are milder than commercial cleaners. Both solutions work by dissolving hair on contact.

Another less-known fix for drain clogs is Coke or Pepsi. Unlike most commercial drain cleaners, Coke or Pepsi is caustic but mild enough to unclog drains. It works by dissolving hair and removing minor clogs in sinks. Alternatively, try baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. The mixture will foam up and dissolve the clog.

Drain snake

Using a drain snake to remove hair from your drains is not difficult. You can buy a hair snake that takes up to a minute to use. To get rid of hair in your drains, you can also mix white vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water. Never use harsh chemicals to clean your drains, as they may eat away at the pipes. Baking soda dissolves hair and also has disinfecting properties.

Another option is using a drain snake to clean your shower drain. It can remove hair and other debris that clogs the drain. Just stick the snake into the drain until it encounters resistance and then pull it back out. After a few minutes, your drain will be clear. Using a drain snake to clean your drains is not as difficult as you may think, and it is easy to use.

You can buy light or heavy-duty drain snakes. Light-duty drain snakes are made from ABS plastic. These are flexible and durable. Heavy-duty drain snakes are made of high-carbon steel. The high-carbon steel snakes are thicker and longer. They are designed to travel through drainage pipes, and can reach lengths of 75 feet. So, the drain snake is the perfect solution for removing hair from drains.

Enzymatic drain cleaners

Enzymatic drain cleaners remove hair, grease, and other organic materials from your pipes. They also prevent corrosion in your pipes and septic system. Enzymes break down organic materials and eliminate unpleasant odors. Different enzymes have different benefits. For example, one type of enzyme can get rid of hair, while another is used to clear out drains from clogs. The best enzyme drain cleaner for your home depends on the clogging problem.

Unlike chemical cleaners, enzyme drain cleaners are safe for human and animal use. They decompose quickly, leaving your drains free of harmful toxins. Chemical drain cleaners can remain in the ground for years, contaminating the water supply. These chemicals are also harmful to the environment and can harm pets and children. For this reason, we recommend enzyme drain cleaners for the prevention of clogged drains.

Acidic cleaners contain lye, potash, or other chemicals that break down clogs. They produce heat and gas to dissolve organic matter. However, they do not work well on old pipes. Caustic cleaners are useful for removing food, but not for removing hair. Besides, they are not recommended for toilets and pipes older than 20 years. Enzymatic drain cleaners work by breaking down hair and other materials in your pipes.

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