Trenchless Pipe Relining 101: What You Need To Know

Repairing an old sewer line is a stressful experience. There are two ways you can go about it, but both are unpleasant. One way, you can dig up your yard from the house to the curb to find the pipe, or you can dig down from the house. Either way, you pay for the extra work.

A better way is to use trenchless pipe relining to fix your sewer pipe instead of digging it up. The process involves inserting a new pipe through the old line through an injection point and blowing out the old line to seal it up, which relieves your sewer line of any pressure and provides you with a new pipe that will not clog up and will last for many years.

Trenchless Pipe Relining 101: What You Need To Know

The process for trenchless pipe relining begins with locating the pipes using a cable camera. This special camera shows the pipes through the cable, which is inserted into the sewer line. Once the pipes are located, an access point is dug out. From there, a pipe is inserted into the old sewer line, blowing out the old pipe if necessary. A new pipe is inserted into the old sewer line, which is then sealed up with a special compound that hardens into a hard concrete-like substance. This way, no part of the pipe is damaged by digging, and the pipe is serviced. 

Benefits of the Trenchless Technique

The main benefit of the trenchless pipe relining technique is the short project time frame. It is also less invasive, which saves your property from damage. The pipe relining technique provides a better way to fix your sewer problems because it involves less cost, less mess, and less disruption to your home.

With trenchless pipe relining, you get a pipe that is more reliable and does not clog. It also helps save your trees because you are not taking up your lawn to find the pipe.

Where Can Trenchless Pipe Relining be Used?

The trenchless pipe relining technique can be used for interior or exterior pipeline repairs. It is also beneficial for pipes that run along sidewalks, driveways, and in the ground. Trenchless pipe relining is ideal for pipes that are in need of replacement, but it is also good for pipes that only need minor repairs.

You Won’t Be Harming Any Nearby Trees

Trenchless pipe relining does not involve damaging any nearby trees, so you are not harming the greenery of your property. It also helps to prevent erosion, which can cause your property to sink. You won’t have to be inconvenienced with having to dig out your entire yard for the trenchless pipe relining technique.

The trenchless technique is also less messy than other techniques, so it’s the best option for homeowners who do not want to find their property covered in dirt and debris.


Trenchless pipe relining is the best option for replacing or repairing your sewer pipe. It is less invasive, less expensive, and much less messy than other techniques for fixing your sewer line. It is the ideal way to fix your pipes because it helps avoid long-term problems. The best part is that it is covered by insurance.

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