Unclog Bathroom Drains Naturally with These 5 Tips

Just like any drain, bathroom sinks can get clogged, too. Even without large chunks of food debris and the like, hair, soap scum, dead skin, and grooming solutions can aggregate in the pipes and cause a blockage over time. Instances like these require drain cleaning for your bathroom to be in working order once more.

Before calling your plumber, there are still ways for you to handle the issue on your own. Follow these five steps to unclog bathroom drains naturally.

Use a Wire Hanger

Whatever goes down in your sink or drain can amass into a significant blockage and clog your pipes. This blockage can penetrate the piping system and can’t be reached with conventional tools.

So, we’ll use the unorthodox, starting with a simple wire hanger! While it is the simplest tool in this list, working with it is the most physical. It’s best to wear a pair of gloves before proceeding.

Pop out and remove the stopper from the sink or drain. Remove the debris and place them on a pail or dry piece of paper.

Twist the hanger into a partial hook, then insert it into the drain or sink. Twist the hanger once you feel a blockage in the pipes. Bring up to the surface, place the gunk in a pail or paper, then repeat the process until you sense it is clog-free.

Place the stopper back and run hot water. If it doesn’t reach up to the bathroom floor anymore, you’ve successfully removed the clog!

Pour a Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution

This drain cleaning method is less physical and more scientific. Combine ⅓ cup baking soda and ⅓ cup vinegar with a measuring cup to be sure. When this solution begins fizzing, pour it instantly down the drain. 

The chemicals create an acidic reaction that melts debris and breaks it down. Let it settle in an hour, then flush down the drain with hot water.

Pour a Baking Soda and Salt Solution

Another effective mixture for clogged drains is a baking soda and salt solution. Mix ½ of both into a measuring cup and pour down the drain. The chemical reaction loosens the clog and makes it easier to pass through the pipes. Wait for 15 minutes before pouring warm water down the drain.

Vacuum from Above

If pouring down solutions in or getting dirty with the drain is not your thing, you can vacuum the clog instead. You’ll need a wet and dry device for this step.

Create an airtight seal for the hose with a cloth or a plunger. Doing so creates a vacuum that allows your device to focus its suction on the blockage. Set your machine to its highest liquid setting and turn it on. If done correctly, the vacuum will suck out the clog. 

Repeat as desired to ensure all blockages are out. Always keep the hose airtight.

Boiling Water

Sometimes, it isn’t hair or dead skin that causes clogs but dried-up body oil that gets stuck in the pipes. Like kitchen sinks, body oils and grease solidify in bathroom drains, narrowing passageways that are just as bad as clogs.

The simple solution to this clogged drain is to pour boiling water into the drain. Its high temperatures melt the oils and flush them down to the sewers. Repeat as needed.

The Final Flush

With everyday household solutions, you can deal with a clogged drain in your bathroom. Just choose from these which work best for unblocking your pipes. Oh, by the way, these can also work for your kitchen sinks and other home drains, too! 

But if you’ve tried all these solutions and see no improvement, it’s time to call the professionals over at Candu Plumbing & Rooter to take a good look. We’re a company of licensed and certified plumbing professionals that do drain cleaning in Burbank and other Los Angeles Counties. Set your appointment with us today!