3 Most Common Causes of Water Heater Malfunctions During Winter

During the winter season, the water that enters your home becomes significantly colder. This makes your water heater work harder to ensure that you get all the hot water you need. But when your water heater works extra hard, a lot of underlying issues will arise.

What are the common causes that can lead to the need for minor and major water heater repairs? This article will answer all that and more.

Defect Water Heater Parts

When your water heater refuses to give you any hot water, having faulty parts in the system is one of the common causes. Maybe a part was incorrectly installed, or it corroded as time passed. Regardless of how it began, spotting a malfunctioning component will make resolving the issue much easier.

In case your home uses a gas water heater, you may want to check on its pilot, pilot control valve, and thermocouple when you are having issues. However, if you are using an electric water heater, you might want to keep an eye on its thermostat and heating elements.

Whether you have identified the issue, get help from your local plumbers. They can properly assess the issue and replace and repair the parts when necessary. Do not perform water heater repairs on your own, or you may end up with more problems than when you started.

No Pipe Insulation

Although water heaters supply hot water throughout your home, their pipes need insulation too. Without sufficient insulation, the lines will become colder and force your water heater to exert more effort. The additional strain can cause your heater to break down, or the cold can freeze the pipes. Both instances spell no hot water for your home.

Different water heater types need various types of insulation. Fiberglass pipe wraps secured with aluminum foil are best used for gas water heaters. On the other hand, neoprene foam insulation is ideal for electric water heater pipes.

Professional plumbers can fix your broken water heater in a heartbeat. But if your pipes are not correctly insulated, the issue will keep coming back. To prevent the problem from recurring, discuss pipe insulation options with your trusted plumbing company.

Lack of Maintenance

The water that enters your home contains many minerals and sediments. As your water heater warms the water, it deposits the minerals at the bottom of the tank. As time passes, the sediment and minerals build up, causing inefficiencies and system breakdowns.

The minerals and sediments in the water heater take away the heat that your water heater produces. Your heater will work twice as hard to supply your home with hot water to compensate for the heat loss. As a result, your water heater is more prone to breaking down than usual.

Much like the lack of insulation, the best solution for mineral and sediment buildup is prevention. Speak with the plumbing company near you about plumbing and water heater maintenance to save you the headache of water heater failure during the colder months.


At the end of the day, it all boils down to the lack of adequate maintenance. If you prepare your water heater system for the winter, you can expect to have perfectly heated water every single time.

In case you do experience any issues with your water heater during winter, do not DIY it. Entrust water heater repairs to the professionals. Otherwise, you may trigger a domino effect of plumbing issues that can cost you more money, time, and effort.

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