So Your Water Heater’s Making Weird Noises? Read This! ​​

Plenty of things go into running a house. One of the key parts is the water heater, a piece of equipment that’s out of sight and out of mind. 

A hot water heater is pretty easy to understand once you get down to the “bare bones” of it, so to speak. When you do something that involves water, like washing dishes or the laundry, it gets to where it should go through the pipes, thanks to the water heater. It arrives at the temperature it should be at, such as hot or warm if you’re taking a shower.

However, plumbing issues can occur. They can be rather pricey and even risky, so anytime there are freaky sounds, you should check out.

Read on to learn more about the weird noises your water heater might make and how to address them:

THE ODD SOUND: Crackling noises

A gas-powered water heater making these noises means the burner has condensation. 

THE FIX: This one is nothing to worry about at all. It’s absolutely ordinary, and no further action is required.

THE ODD SOUND: Popping noises

This is one of the more typical weird water heater noises. It’s usually a lot like Pop Rocks candy: the water heater has excess sediment and mineral deposits at the bottom. The popping sounds you hear are the sediment colliding with the inner lining of the tank. It’s not very dangerous in any way, but it certainly can lead to a breakdown of the tank. 

Mineral despots like calcium, lime, sand, and other debris will likely stick to the water heater’s bottom. Areas with hard water will really struggle with this.

THE FIX: In order to prevent this from happening, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the tank at least once a year.

THE ODD SOUND: Screeching noises

Water flow restriction is usually what this signifies. The water heater’s inlet control valve is likely the problem. If the valve is only slightly closed, water won’t flow through the pipes.

THE FIX: Check if the valve is open; if it’s halfway through, turn the valve. That way, it will be wide open and lead the noise to stop.

THE ODD SOUND: Sizzling noises

A water heater leak will make itself known through this noise. It comes from the burner getting leaking water dripping onto it. If there’s water around the water heater on the floor, or if you have no hot water, chances are there’s a leak.

THE FIX: Call a professional immediately because water and energy alike will be wasted the longer the leak isn’t addressed.


A water heater is an integral piece of equipment for any home. However, they’re not prone to issues, and odd noises can signify that there’s indeed a problem with your water heater. Odd sounds to look out for include sizzling, screeching, and popping noises. If you hear any of these sounds, it’s best to call a professional plumber to inspect your water heater and do the necessary repairs.

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