What Is Clogging Your Drain and How Can You Fix It?

One of the most common and annoying plumbing issues you can encounter at home is a clogged drain. They can make life very inconvenient. Imagine having to rush to work or somewhere else while the water in your shower, sink, and toilet drain at a snail’s pace or not at all. It can make for a very exhausting morning before your day even starts.

Unfortunately, clogs in your drain are usually a result of people’s unawareness of what should go down the drain. To clarify, the only things that should exit your drain are liquid, human waste, and toilet paper. 

Although, in this day and age, it’s probably time to rethink that toilet paper. We allow many things to pass through the drain, thinking there’s no harm to it. But your blocked drain would beg to differ.

Here are the most common causes of a clogged drain:


Whether you have long hair or short hair, some of it is bound to fall off. Most people don’t bother to pick it up when it’s just a few strands. Of course, those are pretty harmless. But hair tends to bind with grease and other sticky substances. 

So while a few strands of hair are harmless, combined with other products that go down the drain, it can become a giant hairball. The best way to prevent all that hair from clumping together is to place guards over your drain. Make sure to clean those regularly to avoid hairballs from forming.


Traditional soaps can cause blockages because they come with grease or fat. And over time, accumulated bits and pieces of soap can become a problem. If you use an organic or a different type of soap, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to deal with this issue. 

But it’s the fat in soap that can end up combining with minerals in the water. It leaves hard residue or soap scum that can stain your bath and clog your pipes. Have your pipes cleaned if this becomes the cause of your clogged drain

Food Waste

It cannot be stressed enough that you should not use your drain as garbage disposal—even when you have an actual garbage disposal. You should never dump food waste into the drain. It can quickly turn into a considerable lump of food waste that can be hard to eliminate. 

You should avoid dumping food waste like tea leaves and coffee grounds because those do not break down. And of course, just like with soap, greasy and fatty food can solidify in your pipes. Absorb the oil using paper towels or something else and dump it in the trash instead. 

Tree Roots

Minor cracks or leaks in your underground pipes can attract tree root growth. Once inside your lines, tree roots quickly become larger, obstructing water flow and causing pipe damage. Tree roots are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what could be clogging your drain. 

However, this is caused more by accident rather than by your behavior. Cracks or leaks in your underground pipes can attract tree growth. It’s a stable source of water. Eventually, those tree roots can grow more and cause severe damage to your pipes. 


The best way to avoid clogging your drain is by being mindful of what goes into it. Most solids have no business being there, so make sure to put those things in the trash, where it belongs. Sometimes, there are cases where the cause has nothing to do with what people in the house are doing. Sometimes, nature just has a way of wreaking havoc in your home. In those instances, it’s best to contact a professional to ensure they resolve the problem correctly.

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